Chutney Recipes

Chutney – A popular side dish of Indian subcontinent, mostly linked with South Indian cuisine. An integral part of South Indian cuisine, chutney is the perfect combo to Idli & Dosa, and many other main course breakfast dishes too. Chutney is also taken as a combo for Indian snacks from different regions, across the country. Though coconut is ground and added to most chutneys, there are several traditionally prepared chutneys without this key ingredient too. Roasted chillies, black gram, tomato, green mango, mint leaves, coriander leaves etc bring different flavours to this simple side dish. Some North Indian chutneys are yogurt based too. The word ‘Chutney’ is derived from Hindi word, ‘Chatna’ which means ‘To lick’. The word ‘Chammanti’ is used in South Indian context. In Kerala, chutneys from dried ingredients liked prawns and fried coconut are also prepared, which have storage value in dry place for a few days or even couple of months. They can be used similar as pickles for rice. Here I give links to a few chutney recipes through this page.

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