Category: My Thoughts

Includes my poetry, apart from a few mysterious thoughts


Words and Silence – Part 2

“Your silence is full of words for me💫”   “When will I get a moment When I can thank you for understanding my silence?”   “Your presence has always been The conversations with you🖤🌪️”...


Missing you

“When night rain drizzles on my fingers I miss your presence When I look upon the stars at night I wish my moon be my side The whole stars in the sky can’t count...


To the tender bud

I am just like you, my tender bud, Which shed & died before opening its petals. I am just like you In other words, I am your rebirth. Fate is same for us, I...


Cloud To Skies – An Ode

  A cloud, just before transforming to – A rain drop, river, lake & seas, Asks her sky, Here I begin my journey as a water drop To an unknown world called earth. After...


Heart Strings – Part 6

“Far or near, irrespective of the worlds Souls meant to meet will meet someday💫✨ Sometimes at the most unexpected time, When you had some other future plans made Yet everything will be changed forever,...