Category: My Thoughts

Includes my poetry, apart from a few mysterious thoughts


Heart Strings – Part 11

“If rain has a poetry, it’s you💖”   “Sometimes as drizzling rain Sometimes as a night thunderstorm Sometimes as hot summer Sometimes as chilling winter Sometimes as flowering spring And very often as falling...


Heart Strings – Part 10

“Pure love only deepens with time♥️”   “I wish, all words I write for you Fly and reach you”   “Your perfume follows me wherever I go”  “My heart’s secret chambers provided pages for...


Words and Silence – Part 3

“Can you silence my solitude please???” “Silence builds the greatest walls” “Painful conversations are always the unheard ones”   “Unsaid words talk most🤐” “Your silence is filled with only words for me” “The way...


Pain and Sad – Quotes Part 4

“A smile in pain has a thousand meanings❣️❣️”   “When loved ones leave our lives without saying anything, How many stories they leave incomplete as unsolved puzzles!!!”   “In every moment I forgot to...


Heart Strings – Part 9

“Some moments can’t be recreated💫🌪️🦋 They happen once in a life time 💕🦋🌈🌪️”   “Sometimes you get stuck at some point of time, So unexpected, waiting for something, Maybe a person or an answer....