Category: My Thoughts

Includes my poetry, apart from a few mysterious thoughts


Cloud To Skies – An Ode

  A cloud, just before transforming to – A rain drop, river, lake & seas, Asks her sky, Here I begin my journey as a water drop To an unknown world called earth. After...


Heart Strings – Part 6

“Far or near, irrespective of the worlds Souls meant to meet will meet someday💫✨ Sometimes at the most unexpected time, When you had some other future plans made Yet everything will be changed forever,...


Heart Strings – Part 4

“Trying to hold all broken parts together And I am sure, We will succeed one day💫✨❤️”   “You give those special heart beats no one else can💖”   “Whatever happens, I stay with you🤗🤗❤️”...



“I am a very simple person, Who go crazy for simple things, small happiness, May be a butterfly, a drop of rain, a small bit of song, A simple smile, a cloudy sunset, a...


My Dear Friend

My dear friend, Words will be limitless if I want to tell about you Yet I am trying to conclude in a few Like hiding a pearl in an oyster. The moment when my...


Heart Strings – Part 3

“My heart strings which never settle in words or tunes are infinite♾♾💫💕”   “When my eyes read the meanings of your silent smiles They stayed as your partner of crime in everything 😉💕💫”  ...