Marriage and Relationship Thoughts – Part 2

“Relations are like painting walls.🌈🌈
To enhance some shades
New colours may be mixed and added.
When you forget yourself
In the magic of new shades,
Take extra care for old shades
Not to lose beauty
Because they are free of artificiality 💕💕🤗🤗”
“No one can do everything right always
Everyone make mistakes
Some mistakes are momentary
Some are situational
Just we need to forgive, forget and move on
If we truly treasure that relation”
“In a short interval of time,
Deep friends can turn strangers,
Some strangers can turn friends
And a special stranger can become your soulmate too💕💫🤗
It’s just a matter of time☺️♾
In fact some relations take just a few moments to break or build up🙂”
A relation can build or break up –
In a very short interval
In fact the short time,
When you take a breathe and leave it”

“No serious relation ends in a single day or ends with a single fight. It’s only a long ongoing process culminating in a single point. Sometimes the volcano erupts, sometimes not.”

“Relations are not time-bound. They are timeless and free”
“Some relations are like sky and earth
Which create an illusion to meet at horizon”
“Don’t give too much care to relationships that are existing without much fuss. It’s better to keep them undisturbed than to let them down one day, because it may not possible to keep the same kind of increased excitement everyday, which may create too much expectations unnecessarily”
“Each relationship has a different story to tell”
Strangers can also co-exist in same space
But there won’t be any emotional bond🍁”
“A successful relation is not about walking through a thin string, without ever falling or trembling,taking extra care and stress. It’s all about holding each other’s hand while walking through the string;even if falls, support the other to get up & continue walking together”
“Is it true, a relationship never holds for long,
The warmth it feels at first?”
“Only because the missing words are never filled in, how many good relations we lose!!!”
“Newborn relations are like newborn clouds
Takes some time to deepen”
“From the words you talk,
You can measure the depth of relations.
Individuals may not change
But seasons may change, changing them too.”
Some relations end, not because they seize to love
But when it becomes difficult to co-exist in same space🍁”
Equations of relations do change
Sometimes we fail to notice”
“When a relationship breaks, it breaks both, not just one”
“Relationships do break
But not everyone make it noisy…..
Silent heartbreaks are deep & long lasting
Though it’s hard to notice”
“Relations survive even after big explosions
It’s either because of the silence between the two
Or expression of love after fights”
“Only closeness can create distance”
“To learn who to let go and who to be patient with
It may take many years
Sometimes it takes a few moments only”
“We should be able to carry relations as easy as milkweeds
Weightless, no conditions, free flowing
Without any adjustments”
“It’s not true, as time passes by or towards the end of a relationship, we learn a person more.
It’s fully related to time.Time also changes people beyond all predictions.
As we get more time, we learn more, not just the case of relationships, but anything.
Relations mostly end in a bad note, which means we learn a few things which we believe to be flaws. It can’t be fully true. Flaws are applicable to both people in the relation too”
“Mental abuse harms a relation much more than physical abuse🍁💔
Because it damages both your heart and soul
And bruises won’t be easily visible from outside
It takes more time to heal too”
“Communication can be short or long. 2 people can meet or not, to stay in a relation. Most important is to stay connected. Sometimes, silence is enough. Sometimes thousands of words not enough. It depends on the level of relation you reached. Once connection is established, hearts can talk”
“Sometimes it’s needed to revisit all your hidden wounds for the last time to liberate yourself for a new beginning. But never turn back once it’s done.”
“I love relations
Comfortable to fight.
Formal relations
I keep at bay, never want to make personal🤗😄”
“External factors can ruin/damage any beautiful relationship much more than anything or its beauty, even more than the personal differences between two people. Never give space to a third person, as much as possible. Fix it your own”
“Many beautiful things we lose in sharing……(with a third person)”
“You can’t take respect without giving respect. If you say, I can say anything, but you should respond the way I expect you to, how will it work?”
“Accept relations by accepting boundaries. That is how we should cultivate relationships”
“When people find new relations
People do change
I, you, everyone”
“Staying together in hearts is more important than staying together in same space😌🔥”

“One may get bored or not in a relationship. It depends…….”

“Many relations stand only because we become good listeners
The day we change the mode, we may be blamed even if nothing wrong in our side”
“How long can someone take advantage of you?
As long as you allow to do it”
“How long will you water a dry plant in hope it will blossom again?
A withered plant can rise up, but not a dead plant.
Same is the case of relations too”
“Bad communication in relations forces you to fill dots with crazy imaginations & creating new stories, as there is no other option left”
“Lifeless relations🍁
Relations in illusions👀”
“Some relations are like raindrops falling on leaves, which leaves can’t hold”
“Like horizon, some relations do exist
Appear to be together, but they are not,
Yet tied together for some reasons”
“Is keeping distance a part of love
Or, Isn’t love something you can’t stay away from?
Is pretending to busy and distant oneself, a part of love
Or, Isn’t love something, finding reason to come near”
“Some relations are closer than we assume”
“Moon and sun share the same sky
Only thing is,
It’s not visible to everyone.
So are a few relations”
“Without loss of passion or loss of intensity,
How long can you water a long distant relation, with communication cords disconnected?”
“Some relationships are like
Raindrops falling on leaves.
They give some chillness,
Wet the eyes and finally leave.
But they always leave a mark
Before they fall💚💚”
“Some relations are like raindrops, which leaves can’t hold”
“What’s the beginning point of love, bond or a relation? In most cases, when the other person reciprocates our feelings.
And, what’s the end point of love, bond or a relation?
When our reciprocated feelings bounce back and when we feel totally ignored or disconnected”
“Some people are like golden deer
They attract you, but never come in your grip.
Same is the case of some relations too
More you try to go close, they go far away”
“When you are already trained how to deal with a broken relation, it becomes easy for you in the second or any number of times😜😂💜🍁🌪️😍”
“Distance can bring two souls closer
Or tear them apart too💞”
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