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A blog on beauty tips and life style, plus kitchen tips exclusively for women, data collected from authenticated magazines.

Beauty Tips

10 Attractive eye liner styles to draw beautiful eyes

Things to take note while choosing a beauty parlour

Luscious lips, dramatic eyes & neon lashes for Trendy Makeup

How to get rid of neck wrinkles?

Pedicure at home using ingredients from kitchen

What Is a Collagen Facial?

Do Chemical Peeling without any fear

Chocolate – For beauty and anti-aging

Tips to make your lips beautiful

Nail Polish Tips

Give your nails Ombre style

Nail Art – Latest trends in Manicure

10 Hair colouring tips for you

5 Hair oils to stimulate hair growth

7 Homemade hair packs for shining hair this winter

Natural Hair Colour Treatment – Colour your hair naturally

Sparking tips for sparkling hair

Everything you want to know about Hair Extension

Things to note while shampooing your hair

8 Beauty oils used to enhance your skin glow and beauty

5 Homemade Face Masks for You

A few natural and homemade cleansers for you

Sunday special for your skin- Choose Products from your kitchen

Beauty update for girls

Slim beauty – Is it your dream? Follow this regime and see the after effects

A few tattoo tips

Natural treatment for normal skin

Spa for beauty – Do at home naturally

Remove wrinkles naturally – A few simple methods

Natural Lip Balm @ Home

Useful tips to remove makeup before you go to sleep

10 Tips for beautiful feet

7 Simple tips for your lovely feet

Simple tips to make your hands beautiful

Quick beauty packs for those who want everything instant

Honey for Beauty

Orange – For good skin colour and beauty

10+ Useful tips while using moisturizer

10 Simple tips for a beautiful skin

Garlic and Shallots – For health and beauty

Beauty @ leaf tips – Leaves for beauty

Simple tricks to achieve shining face and glowing skin tone

Attar for this Ramzan season

Get rid of those black heads and white heads without the help of a beautician

How to get rid of those stretch marks?

Do you fear those aging marks? 10 natural methods to get rid of them

Must Makeup Kit for Ladies and here we go!

Use eye makeup with care – A few things to note

Everything you want to know about Graphic Line Eye Makeup

Natural Face Packs for Bride

Just do a trial before bridal makeup – it’s the latest trend

Facial treatments for brides – Which one will you choose?

Light Bridal Makeup in South Indian marriages is trending now!

Stay beautiful this summer through these natural treatments

A few simple tips to get beautiful eye brows and eye lashes

Simple Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Fashion & Dress Caring Tips

Fashion Tips – New trend in costumes

A few things to note while using mural clothes

A few handy tips for your textile shopping

Gold Ornaments – Light Weight is the latest trend

Colours best suited for this rainy season

Retain colour in clothes using natural methods

Slim in Sari – A few tips to drape a sari

Old Onam Saris as Young and New – A few tips to change traditional old saris to party wear

A few tips how to use old saris

How to Take Care of Your Silk Saree? Some simple tips

Top Tips to Protect and Preserve Your Designer Handbags

Smart hand bags – How to use them smartly? 10 Useful tips

How to remove stains from clothes? A few simple tips

Do those jumkas suit you? A few tips for wearing jumkas

Shopping is great fun. But be cautious too!

Kitchen Tips

25 Easy Kitchen Tips for Housewives – Series 1

25 Easy Kitchen Tips for Housewives – Series 2

Handy Tips While Preparing Indian Breakfast Dishes

10+ Kerala Sadya Tips

10+ Simple tips to take care of your mixer

A few handy kitchen tips for you

Top 20 Kitchen Safety Tips You Need to Know

Simple tips while cooking vegetables and curries

Kitchen Tips This Monsoon

Shining Kitchen – A few tips for you

Safety in kitchen – A few essentials to know

Pressure cooker tips to give you less pressure while cooking

12 Simple tips to make your Biryani tasty

Tips for cooking rice and make it taste better

How to make your non-vegetarian dishes tasty? Here I provide a few simple tips

Simple Indian Snacks & Sweets Tips For You

Chinese Recipes – Secret Tips for Cooking

Easy ways to remove pesticides from vegetables

Ice Creams – Simple things I bet you don’t know

Fish Cooking Tips – Easy & Tastier

Colour mixtures of nature can add natural colours to food

17 Simple tips to make nice, white and soft appams

Tips to make soft and tasty dosa and idli

A few simple tips to keep salads fresh

Cooking is a passion if you are willing to explore

10+ Simple tips to preserve food items for long days naturally

Different types of sugars used for cooking

A few kitchen tips with Orange and Lemon

Eat chicken healthily and enjoy its benefits

Smart planning in your kitchen to save your time and energy

What’s the difference between Biryani and Fried Rice?

Simple Juice Tips For You

A few Chapati Tips

A few simple cutlet tips for you

A few things to note while preparing oily snacks

Simple tips to preserve your grains and spices from pests

A few useful tips to preserve your spices and lock their flavours

How to preserve food items in your refrigerator racks? A few tips for you

To preserve vegetables fresh for long days – A few simple tips for you

How to bring back the freshness to fruits and vegetables? A few simple tips for you

Best substitutes for a few kitchen items

How much food should I cook for guests at home? What’s the correct measurement?

Measurement Cups and Spoons & Conversion Chart for Cooking

Household Tips

5 Easy tips for house cleaning using vinegar and baking soda

Home shift is not a big head ache at all!

20+ Useful tips to make your furniture sparkle and preserve for long years

10 Amazing uses for your old toothbrush

Be Eco-Friendly, Be close to nature

How can we fill our home with perfume?

Extra protection to your home this rainy season

Start house cleaning – Start with kitchen

What is the maximum life span of a mattress and window curtain?

10+ Useful tips to conserve antique properties

Simple tips to clean your curtains

While Using Bath Towels

How to get rid of that bad smell of shoes?

Stained Floor? A few simple tips to remove stains from floor

Insure your home gadgets and enjoy the benefits

Simple storage tips for your home

10+ Tips to dry your clothes in beauty and style

Can we make natural room fresheners at home?

Fill your interior with fragrance to get a positive mood

Fill your rooms with fresh air – A few tips for you

10+ Tips to keep your home young always

Your home also needs proper maintenance

A few useful pillow tips for you

A few simple tips for sparking your old shoes

A few useful invertor tips

A few useful tips to get rid of insects and pests

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