My Thoughts & Poems

Includes my thoughts and poems, and a few articles on different subjects


English Translation for a few of my Malayalam posts and tweets

Life is…..


Quotes & Thoughts

A bit social….. The society where we live

Different interpretations of Sandhya (Twilight/Nightfall) and Sunsets

Divorce and Separation Quotes



Love Thoughts

Marriage and Relationship Thoughts

Meera’s Thoughts – English Quotes


New findings of life

Positive Powershots

Real & True Facts Quotes From Observation

Social Media

Some Perspectives I Noticed

That’s What We Call Hope

True colours of romance

Tweet posts – English

Prose Writing

Youth of this new millennium to born in 2018! Warm Welcome!

Remembering the fatal incident of Kalpana Chawla through my memories

Indian Marriages – Yesterday and today!

Sandhya, Are you playing computer games whole day?

Do you still write letters?

Growing distance is the cause of old age homes

Treat them as daughters if you don’t want to stay at old age homes

Parents can also visit their kids if possible

General Reference

Hindustani music has so many branches than we actually imagine

Is Orange a significant colour?

What’s the significance of signature?

Can Curiosity discover new things about Mars?

Migrating birds – Travellers with wings

Bamboo – A few interesting facts!

A small note on the birth of World Tourism

Do you know the significance of wetlands?

Are you aware of Ozone leaking?

Rain water is stored in many natural ways

Frogs serve us a lot! But humans are ignorant

Gold loan – A few golden tips for you

How to prepare yourself for competitive exams? A few simple tips

When letters became literary pieces

Do you know the story behind a Teddy bear?

A few banana talks – Some interesting facts

What’s the secret behind a Boomerang?

Pondering a few thoughts on World Water Day

Do you know the story of post and postal service?

Yercaud – Poor man’s Ooty

Egyptian civilization – A few interesting facts

Wikipedia – He knows everything!

A single discovery – A lot of claims and controversies

The real face of poor African countries

A brief note on production of honey, its health benefits & uses

Are you unhappy for not having kids? Feng shui can help you

Electricity using the principles of Chemistry

Do you have Ringxiety?

Easter eggs – A unique way to celebrate Easter

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