Jackfruit Curries and Side Dishes

Jackfruit is a staple fruit, used in Kerala cuisine. Apart from eating as a fruit, it’s used to prepare a wide range of side dishes, main courses, sweets as well as snacks. It can be used both raw & ripen, for the preparation of dishes. Jackfruit avial is one among the most commonly prepared dishes in Kerala kitchen, where raw jackfruit is used. Known for its health benefits, it’s also linked with Kerala culture, and some harvest festivals like Vishu, where it’s used for Vishu Kani. Through this page I shall introduce you to a few jackfruit curry and side dishes, that can be prepared at home. Mostly, they are served with rice, which is the main course dish served as lunch. Links are provided below. You can also read snacks and sweets prepared using jackfruit. Click here to view the page. 

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