14 Food Habits We Should Avoid

When you repeatedly say that it’s not possible to get rid of diabetics, high blood pressure and cholesterol, it’s better to turn back and deeply observe your food habits, because the main reason behind these health related problems are caused only due to our bad food habits. Along with good food habits, if we put a little effort to give physical exercises, diseases will stay at the bay. So, through this article let me tell you a little about those food habits that we should avoid to keep our body free from those new style diseases.

– Over eating – A must avoidable habit

 When food is taken in excess, excess calories reach our body. If not used properly, it gets deposited in our body in the form of fat. Gradually it leads to obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart problems. So, eat food only when you are hungry. Make breakfast a habit so that you eat less for lunch.

– Over fasting and parties

Festivals and celebrations are always associated with tasty food, but it gives extra calories also. Similarly, the food taken soon after fasting may become the reason of obesity.

– Snacks at intervals and carbonated drinks

Fried and salted items increase your cholesterol levels without any reason. It’s the same case of sugar and fructose content of carbonate drinks. The empty calories provided by both give you a lot of health related problems including excess calories. Fruits and fruit juices without sugar is the best solution.

– Late supper

Late supper and sleep soon after meal will collapse your digestive metabolism, catalyzing the storage of food as fat in your cells and blood vessels. Less energy is used when you go to bed soon after your supper, and it gives an easy reason to store food as fat, than releasing them as energy.

– Fast food is dangerous of all

It’s not practical to ensure the quality of products used in the preparation of dishes in restaurants. Excess use of oil, reuse of oil, addition of chemical substances like baking soda and colours and excess spices are injurious to your health. Best solution to avoid food from outside as much as possible. Also, if possible, ask the server to use less oil and colours for your dishes. Give importance to salads.

– Never eat under compulsion

No need to eat sweets or fat content food items under compulsion or to please someone. It takes double time and effort to flush them out from your body.

– Haste is waste

Take time to chew and eat food. When you eat food fast, you eat more. So enjoy your food and its taste to block the input of excess calories to your body

– Excess use of nuts

Ground nuts, pista and almonds are good for health. If taken in moderate quantities they can reduce cholesterol levels of your blood. But cashew nuts can increase total calorie input along with a few vitamins.

– Chicken and fried fish

Every item is healthy if used less oil and salt for its preparation. Food is healthy only if cooked normally. Excess usage of meat can also lead to increase of cholesterol. Instead of meat you can use mushroom, pulses, peas, eggplant and soya. They are rich in fiber content too.

– Never quit a meal

It’s a common habit among at least a few people to quit a meal to reduce calorie intake. When your stomach is hungry, it eats double quantity of food next time. Also, when you reduce food your body will reduce metabolic activities accordingly, thus saving energy in the form of fat for future purposes. If you want to reduce your weight, best strategy is to break meals to mini-meals and eat 5 or 7 times a day. When body metabolism increases more calories will be burnt releasing more energy.

– Drink water regularly

Very often thirst may be misinterpreted as hunger resulting in eating of food without any reason. Drink water frequently. It detoxifies our body, dissolves our fat deposits and reduces the total amount of food intake also. It’s always better to drink water at regular intervals instead of waiting for thirst to conquer you.

– Sweet after meals

It’s a usual habit of at least a few persons among us to have a toffee or some dessert soon after a meal. Trans-fat and bad cholesterol content in the sweet increases the bad cholesterol levels of our blood. If you really want to take some sweet after a meal, have a piece of apple or a few grapes.

– Drinking is a bad habit

Excess energy provided by beverages increase your cholesterol levels. When you supply your body with fat content food along with liquor the disaster is manifold.

– Less exercise

New world has given us everything we need. But we do nothing to keep our body fit and healthy. Walk a few steps or go for a daily shopping by foot. Give a little manual work to your body muscles.

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