1-Minute, Take a breath and Relax

While doing long hours of work without any rest, take small gaps in between. Not only does it get you out of boredom and tiredness, it also gives more relaxation and energy. A few tips for you.

A few stretching exercises in between – Doing some stretching exercises in between job hours can give you in return a little relaxation. You can do it in between, even without the knowledge of persons sitting near to you. When muscles are in ‘high tension’, small stretching exercises in between the working hours relax them a lot.

Wake up your sense organs – If you feel stressed, take a chocolate of your favourite brand and place it in your tongue. Close your eyes for a short period also. The melting taste in your taste buds relaxes your mind’s tensions as well. Applying hand lotion of good perfume to your fingers or spraying lavender perfume to your handkerchief can also give similar results.

Take a break – If you get a small break from your office work, take a small walk, or call a friend over phone. You can also make use of this time to do a window shopping. Shop for your favourite books, bags, sandals or even a perfume, and you will feel freshness once you return. Saying hai to your friend in the next cabin or small chat in the break can also give you similar feelings.

A little day dreams – It’s always a better choice to take your mind from the job, and think something pleasant to avoid boredom. You can assume yourself to be seated in your favourite spot with some background music can also relax and wake up your mind. Calm mind without any thoughts similar to meditation can give you powerful results.

Small breaks in between tedious job schedules can reduce your mental pressure to a great extend, and you can work more efficient once your brain cells get relaxed and refreshed. If your mind is tangled in some problem without any solution, a one-minute break can offer you a better answer to your questions.

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