Category: Poetry

Small poems authored by me


Clouds and flowers

When I said about you to the clouds & flowers in joy, Sharing dreams of our meeting & a life together, They too nodded their heads in joy, & Asked me to wait till...


A confusing dark cloud

Sometimes I turn a confusing dark cloud, Hesitating to rain aloud Should I pour or remain as such? Will the climate remains same If I fade with my different shades? Will the sky love...


To the tender bud

I am just like you, my tender bud, Which shed & died before opening its petals. I am just like you In other words, I am your rebirth. Fate is same for us, I...


Cloud To Skies – An Ode

  A cloud, just before transforming to – A rain drop, river, lake & seas, Asks her sky, Here I begin my journey as a water drop To an unknown world called earth. After...


My Dear Friend

My dear friend, Words will be limitless if I want to tell about you Yet I am trying to conclude in a few Like hiding a pearl in an oyster. The moment when my...


Our Dream Home

  Now I am busy making our small dream home In the white clouds, behind mountains Its each brick is a dream of ours Walls painted by colours of our love Moon is fixed...



Oh Death, your games are wonderful, You hurt those too, Who embrace you with happiness And gift only tears to dear ones. You don’t fear anyone And no guard can block you. Everyone knows,...



What was I, until I was One beat away from that moment, When you came and resided in my heartbeats? A simply floating cloud? Or hotness of summer? The moment you touched me I...