Cloud To Skies – An Ode

A cloud, just before transforming to –
A rain drop, river, lake & seas,
Asks her sky,
Here I begin my journey as a water drop
To an unknown world called earth.
After travelling infinite distance♾♾
When I reach you again as another cloud☁️
Will you recognize me?
Will you wait for me until then?
Why are you silently giving me permission
To go to a world full of strangers?
I am in your arms right now,
Where I feel home
I love to play like this,
Inside your palms.
When I am sad
I love to shed my tears
Deep inside your blue,
With my head pressed over yours.
But now, you painted my –
White wings & feathers with
Heavy shades of black & grey,
Even increased the weight of my eye drops,
Where I was left with no option
Except to dissolve & transform as tears,
Separating from you.
You gave me thunder & lightning
As my accompanies.
I am forced to change from
A white cloud to dark.
Still my heart remains same,
Always yours, beating for you💓
Otherwise why should I urge to return back?
Are you testing my love like this,✨💫
Sending me to a world of snow & heat?
Now I am not able to lean on you like before,
Now I am not able to tell you stories like before.
Here I begin my journey of transformation,
From a rain drop to a river,
Flowing fast to reach seas
To transform as a new cloud again.
I am the river right over there.
When I look at you & sigh
Will you smile back at me?
To reach arms of yours,
I shall fly, becoming a vapour one day
Will you wait for me until then?
And when I return as another cloud,
Will you recognize me?
When we both unite that night again
Whole stars will be blinking around us✨💫
Image source: Pixabay
Read this poem’s original Malayalam version here.
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