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Love And Tears – Quotes

Love and Tears – Two extremes……. Sometimes, intense love can offer you tears as gift while in most cases eyes burst into tears when love betrays. Through this column, I have expressed a few...


Love Quotes – Happy

Love – The most beautiful feeling of heart. It has many side effects as well, and can swing into off-mood any time. Through this gallery I would like to list a few of my...


Hope Quotes

Ray of Hope – That’s how the word ‘Hope’ is always defined. Though humans pass through many bad events throughout his life, it’s this ray of hope – a bit of positivity that binds him...


Loneliness Quotes

Loneliness is one of the worst situations of a human life. He can’t hide himself inside an isolated world. Yet at some phases of life, may be for pleasure or distressed in depressions, he...