Do you speak the simple language of love?

Language of love! Is there something that exist so? Do you know how to speak? Can you understand? It’s an emotional sharing of love between two persons free of all bounds and words. It can be categorized into 5 – touch, presents, time, conversation and duties. Yes, 5 basic expressions of love.

If someone says ‘I spent a lovely evening with my wife’, it means time is the language of their love expressions. Some people assume gifts to be the token of love while some others think kiss or touch expresses their love better. Some wives will be extremely pleased if their husbands offer a helping hand in household activities. If language of love differs from his or spouse, dissatisfaction and despair are its end results.

For example, a wife is a hard working lady and she expresses her love by preparing good dishes for her husband and making the home tidy. If her husband appreciates her responses and expresses it through a lovely word, touch or kiss their bond only reaches a step further. But if he rarely notices her love expressions she may end it in complaints or simple tear drops. If a marriage is to become successful each partner need to know the love language of the other and appreciate it in the way he/she wants and deserves.

Love language of touch

Some people really love to hold the hand of his/her spouse in home or while going out. An unexpected touch or kiss can make them happier. Not only in bedroom but also during normal hours a person can express his feelings through a simple touch. It makes the spouse feel more secure about the relationship and that bond and expression of love provide healthy manure to the growth and development of their kids.

Talk – the expression of ideas and feelings

Words always have some meaning and if you express your love language through words simply saying, ‘I love you’ or ‘I want you’, it gives you back many good things in return. Many people exist in this world who longs to hear such romantic words from their spouse. If his/her spouse fails to express the hidden love in words, the relationship may end in failure. Free and open conversation nourishes the relationship. But take care, while expressing love through words or letters assure yourself that your words are sincere and that they come from the deepest corner of your heart.

For example, you can appreciate for a cake prepared by her. Never say that it’s the best cake tasted by you. Instead say that cake is so nice and that you liked it very much. That’s enough.

Sweet and lovely gifts

Some persons measure the love of his/her spouse through the gifts he/she receives. Some people give great importance to it while some others will be very much pleased if the gifted gift is a simple rose from the garden. Occasion is very important and if such gifts are given during birthdays or anniversaries making him/her feel that you remembered the day and treasure it a lot, it will surely increase the love for each other. But never cover your mistakes by gifting her some high-priced gift as if you are offering a bribe to please her.

Co-operation while doing duties

In an Indian society, more responsibilities are given to ladies though men earns for the family. She is being given the heavy duties of looking after kids, parents, preparation of dishes, keeping everything tidy and remembering even simple things related to daily activities. Her mind and hands have to go everywhere and look after every one of the family. She has the responsibility to grow kids with good habits and to make them best citizens of the family. She is doing the same things repeatedly every day and she may often feel bored too.

Some ladies expect their husbands to do simple helps for her and if he is able to understand that simple language and offers simple helps, she will feel extremely happy. She may offer it back in some way he likes most. ‘I consider you, I love you’ – such feelings and messages are easily conveyed through such simple helps offered by the spouse. Similarly a house wife can help her husband to prepare a note, project or presentation and search him an office file. 

Time – it’s the most important factor

Do you know ‘what’s quality time’? It’s the time exclusively given by a person for his/her spouse and in most cases, couples love this language of love most. You need to be a good listener even if you are not a speaker and show interest in the conversation. Otherwise slowly, your spouse will withdraw from you and constrain him/her in own world. It’s true a person should find time for his partner. Otherwise it conveys a wrong message to your partner even if you love him/her sincerely. Love needs expressions and time. You should spare at least 15 minutes as your quality time every day. When you are able to give time to your boss, customers or traveling why can’t it be given to your life partner. Quality time ensures that your partner loves your presence and that he/she is giving preference and importance to you. Read about quality time in detail

Give at least three of them and get four in return

So let me conclude. Try to understand at least three of the five languages of love and implement it in your life. It’s sure you will get at least four back. If you want heaven in your life, give her those simple things so that you can expect it back. Many people say that marriage life is risk and it gives only clashes and mental conflicts. But truth is that you have failed to understand the language of love. Most important factor is to know which factor among those five pleases your life partner most and you should give first preference to it even if you hate it most. So start learning today itself.

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