How to prepare yourself for competitive exams? A few simple tips

Students are of two types. Some like to study 24 hours just before the exam day while another group, prepares everything early and have a good sleep at ‘exam night’. Which one is the best? Preparing well, just one or two days before exams can’t assure 100% success. Let me give a few success mantras if you are preparing for a competitive exam.

1. You should first determine how much time is needed to complete each subject before the exam and allocate time according to it. You can prepare a simple chart making enough calculations. It should include revision time too. Prepare time table according to it.

2. You can choose time according to your preferences. Some love to sit late night while some others wake up in the early mornings to study. Make a rough calculation in your mind what lessons are you going to study next day, before you sleep.

3. Give more time to difficult subjects. Some kids have a habit to study easy subjects first and difficult lessons last. It will appear like a huge burden just a few days before the exam. It’s better to study both, in a mixed way.

4. Make a note of important points in a sheet of paper or book while you are studying. When you write once, you can memorize it more. This note can be used as a reference a few minutes before you enter the exam hall. It makes revision process easy too.

5. Revise each subject at least three times. Revise difficult portions four or five times.

6. If you are not able to learn a particular topic easily, reserve a small time every day for the subject to read the same topic repeatedly. Gradually those lessons will find place in your mind and you won’t forget it easily. Repeated revision is the secret mantra of even the most difficult portions.

7. Be aware of the time in the exam hall. If you revise using previous question papers, writing a few model tests at home you can easily manage time at exam hall.

8. Never constrain your mind and brain to exam topics only. Read books related to the subject and make use of them during exams to quote a few examples. You can score more marks this way.

9. It is better to revise studied portions one day before the exam date instead of giving extra burden to brain, by trying to add new data.

10. Repeated revisions can save a lot of time for you in the exam hall. Why should we waste our precious time in the exam hall thinking for a simple answer?

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