Cutlets, Tikkies & Patties

Cutlets, Tikkies & Patties – Most common snacks, an integral part of Indian cuisine. They are popular across the world as well, and comes in local flavours too. They can also be served as starters. These three snack dishes are almost the same with slight differences, and can be prepared using meat or vegetables or a combination of both. Smashed potatoes, onions, spices and herbs are some of the commonly used items. They can be served with chutney or sauce of your choice. Cutlets have a stuffed filling and then a coat of bread crumbs, and they are usually deep fried in oil, often baked too. Tikki is a snack which originated in Indian subcontinent, quite similar to cutlet but mostly vegetarian. It’s shallow fried. Patty is a deep fried snack, comparatively thin and all of them are prepared as small round shapes. Here I list some recipes of Cutlets, Tikkies & Patties together. 

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