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Relationships & Way of Living

Do you speak the simple language of love?

Quality time – The timeless moments to treasure

Growing distance is the cause of old age homes

1-Minute, Take a breath and Relax

5 Easy tricks to memorize names

5 Tips for your mental workout

Flossing is so easy than you think

Missed calls to a predetermined trap

Make a love nest for your loving dears to dwell

Panchakarma Treatment – To Rejoice Mind & Body

Indian Marriages – Yesterday and today!

Youth of this new millennium to born in 2018! Warm Welcome!

What can you gift the wedding couple for their marriage?

Sitting in correct posture – Now make it a habit

Do you have memory problems?

Live alone in your home without fear when kids are away

Some Jackfruit Tales – Facts and Truths

Gold loan – A few golden tips for you

Pressure cooking Target pressure and Work tension in private job sector

10+ Tips to manage target pressure and job tensions

Why can’t women do business?

Ladies – Start a business to earn if you are interested

Make it a daily habit to account family expenses

Prepare a budget for time and live tension-free

Smart Hostess – Smart Tips for You

10+ Smart tips to become a smart guest

Do you have Ringxiety?

Treat them as daughters if you don’t want to stay at old age homes

Parents can also visit their kids if possible

Before you drink a glass of water

How to get rid of anger and stay cool? Here I suggest you 10 tricks

Let us practice to control mind – A few easy tricks to control intolerance

Ailments & Remedies

100 Plus Ayurvedic Methods For Health and Beauty

Plaque on Teeth and Dental problems – Prevent them through natural ways

Some simple measures to avoid heart attack

Natural remedies for a few common ailments

7+ Simple tips to overcome memory loss and related issues

Natural remedies for tooth ache

Health Benefits & Natural Remedies with Fenugreek seeds

Foot care for diabetic patients – 5 Simple tips

Important travel tips for diabetic patients

Massage at home – A few simple methods

What are the health benefits of gooseberry?

Sweet Flag (Vayamb) for stomach related ailments and other diseases

Orange – For good skin colour and beauty

Medicinal Value of Papaya

Nutmeg & Mace – Know their medicinal benefits

Guava as medicine – A few health benefits of this fruit

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Henna – From root to leaves has medicinal values

Spinach & Amarantus – For taste and health

Mint (Pudina) – Health Benefits To Know

Medicinal uses of Turmeric

How should we resist tetanus?

Garlic and Shallots – For health and beauty

Solution to hiccups

Medicinal black pepper for Ayurvedic use

Muscle Cramp – Some easy methods to avoid it

While Using Spectacles

10 Simple tips to care your eyes

Say good bye to heat prickles of summer – 10 simple tips

While taking painkillers, take note of these points

Dental Problems – 13 Common Doubts Answered!

White Collar Neck Pain – Precautions and Remedies

Useful tips while choosing footwear

A few simple tips to get rid of acidity

Dust allergy & Sneezing – A few useful tips to get rid of them

From where does food allergy come from?

Ear Pain and Infection in Kids – A few points to keep note

A few easy ways to stay away from cold and running nose

Cancer – 20+ Common Myths Broken

6 Important points to keep in note to avoid back pain

Food & Exercises

10 Habits to keep diseases at bay

A few tips to increase lung capacity

Refreshment Giving Food – Here is the list

14 Food Habits We Should Avoid

Magic diet to make your belly flat

What are the reasons behind abdominal obesity?

How to get over the tendency to take excess sweets? Here I suggest you a few tips

Anti-aging foods – To keep aging at bay

Diabetic Patients need Carbohydrate, not Sugar

Does Brown Sugar hold any special quality?

Fat from Sugar – Is it Possible?

Food and exercise – How are they mutually related?

Fat deposits are of two types

Cancer resistive food – Here is the list

How many Jalebis can you eat a day?

Is Artificial Sweetness Really Needed?

Let’s learn to eat as age walks with us slowly towards destination

Lower your cholesterol level through food control

Defense of kids through food – Especially for parents’ note!

Are you diabetic? Check this diet chart to know what to eat and what not.

Medicinal Effects of Grapes

Eat chicken healthily and enjoy its benefits

Make cycling a habit and know its benefits

How much salt can we take every day?

Give importance to body fitness one month before marriage

Proportion of rice with stomach – Certain myths broken

Smart food for smart working ladies

Save life from bitterness, keep sugar at a little distance

Strengthen your bones using these 10 simple tips

Teenage Fitness – A few easy tips

These easy tips help you to consume more vegetables

Rice porridge (Kanji) or Chapatti – Which one is best of dinner?

These food items take care of your liver

When women exercise – A few tips to note for

While going to gym, a few points to note

What points are to be noted while you are dieting?

Slim beauty – Is it your dream? Follow this regime and see the after effects

Which are the best fruits for rainy season?

Which exercises should be the avoided for each disease condition?

Which natural food items can give you daily energy in a healthy way?

What food should we eat to get good sleep?

Food Solution for Fatty Liver

Food for heart – What to eat and what not?

Parenting & Motherhood

6 Tricks to make your kid love Mathematics

A few useful tips while giving medicine to your kids

Eat Neatly – How to teach children the table manners?

Telling lies – No Mamma!!!

Travel trips for kids this monsoon season

Sweets and thumb sucking can damage his teeth

When should I buy first toothbrush for my baby?

Milk and kid’s growth – Common doubts cleared

When mother is not near

Let’s identify childhood fears

Learning Disability – Are you blaming him for wrong reasons?

Teach your kids good lessons at a younger age

Quality time for kids – 10 Simple tricks

10+ Simple exam tips for kids to get high marks

Are you unhappy for not having kids? Feng shui can help you

Eye development starts from fetal stage – Some points for mothers to remember

How to care your baby’s eyes? A few important points to note

How to deal with Morning Sickness? A few useful tips

What are those emergency checkups before conceiving?

5 Most important things to note before you show your kid to a doctor

Home Style & Interior Architecture

50 Amazing Home Style Ideas Currently Trending

10+ Tips to keep your home young always

6 Colourful ideas to make your kitchen interior colourful

Family living room is the latest trend

Set Your Family Living Room As Your Mind Desires

Christmas is near. Decorate your home in Christmas style

Things to note while choosing curtain material

Three types of blinds common in use

10 ‘Cost Effective’ Tips to match your tastes with home construction budget

10+ Tips to reduce heat inside your home

M-Sand – The best substitute of sand for your construction

Top 10 Latest Curtains Currently Trending

Guest bedroom – How to make it special?

What’s the right position of AC and Fan in your home interior?

Wall cladding if you feel bored with your wall decorations

Design your dream home with safety measures

When to buy your curtains and how?

Simple things to note while arranging your kid’s room

Some simple tips to keep your indoor plants fresh

Fill your interior with fragrance to get a positive mood

Your home also needs proper maintenance

Are you thinking of renovating your old home? Here I suggest you a few useful tips

Top space saving tips for your home

Simple storage tips for your home

15+ Simple tricks to make your rooms appear spacious

10 useful tips while choosing sofa settee for your interior

Trendy Bathroom – Latest Trends

Modular Kitchen – Fresh ideas for you

Choose Kitchen Style according to your Life Style

UPVC Kitchen Cabinet – Pride of Modern Kitchen

Smart planning in your kitchen to save your time and energy

Latest lighting techniques for your interior

From Flats to Villas – Time has witnessed a change

Eco Friendly Home is the latest trend

A green garden at your courtyard – A few simple tips

A corner kick to landscape – A few tips for your garden corners

Make your garden natural with a water source

An eco friendly home to live close to nature

Go through these simple tips before you purchase a new flat

10+ Simple things to note while painting your house

Pyramid Vasthu for positive energy

Make note of these things while writing lease or rental agreement for your rental home

Safety measures at old age – A few important points to note

Places to Visit 

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Yercaud – Poor man’s Ooty

Pilgrimage to Rameswaram & Ramanathaswamy Temple to wash off your sins 

A visit to Chamundi Hills and Chamundeshwari Temple at Mysore

A pilgrimage to ISKCON Bangalore chanting Hare Krishna Hara Rama