Category: Vanitha Recipes

My Voyage through Vanitha recipes. An English translation of top recipes of Vanitha Malayalam Magazine and a few more magazines published since 2005 ……. With my own shades and added elements

N.B: Images from Vanitha Magazine have been used as such in most cases. Youtube screen shots have also been used in a few occasions. Excuses.


Mango Salad (Recipe 2)

Ingredients for Mango Salad: 1. Mango fruit – 2 – medium sized, cut into small square pieces     Tomato – 1 big, cut into small square pieces     Capsicum – 1 big,...


Rainbow Chicken

Rainbow Chicken is a healthy and colourful recipe, equally loved by adults and kids. It can also be consumed by those taking protein based diet. Ingredients for Rainbow Chicken: 1. Chicken – 400 gm,...