7 Homemade hair packs for shining hair this winter

Winter season is very soon to arrive and it gives many hair problems too. It’s possible to prepare hair packs at home that can protect your hair from seasonal changes as well as keeping it healthy and shiny. Let me provide some easy hair packs. Choose one that suits your hair most.

For oily hair:

Take honey, olive oil and lemon juice one teaspoon each and mix them together. Add an egg also and blend the mixture well. Apply this mixture from hair root to tip and wash it well after 20 minutes.

For dry hair:

Take a well-ripened plantain, 2 tsp honey, 5 drops of almond oil and an egg. Blend it well using a mixer. Apply a little hot water to your hair and then apply this mixture well, from hair root to tip. Then cover your head using a polythene cap. Wash your hair using any mild shampoo after half an hour.

For normal hair:

Mix together half cup gooseberry powder, 2 tsp castor oil and an egg. Apply it to your hair and wash it well using any shampoo after 30 minutes.

For dandruff:

Mix one cup coconut milk with one cup curd. Apply this mixture on scalp and hair. Rinse and clean it well after half an hour using shikakai powder.

Let me provide another method also, for dandruff treatment. Soak urud (black gram) daal and fenugreek seeds for a little time. Make a fine paste of it adding sour curd. Apply it well on your scalp and hair and wash it well after 20 minutes using warm water.

For shinning hair:

Mix together half cup olive oil and 2 eggs. Apply it on hair and scalp and wash it after 45 minutes using any mild shampoo.

For hair growth:

2 white yolk, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp olive oil and 3 table spoon cucumber juice – mix them well and apply on your scalp and hair. Wash it well after half an hour.

Shinning hair for a surprise party:

Suppose you have a surprise visitor at home or need to attend a birthday function that was not planned before. If so, it’s possible to make your hair appear beautiful within minutes. If you are going for a night party, use shimmer spray for your hair to give a shiny look. If your hair is appearing dry now, apply porosity balancer. So, according to your hair character it’s possible to get a shiny and flowing hair. 

Image source: Pixabay

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