Are you diabetic? Check this diet chart to know what to eat and what not.

Diabetic patients need to keep a strict diet to keep their sugar levels under control. Just check this chart to know if you are following the correct diet.

What can be included?

1. Whole grains, brown rice, whole wheat atta, banana stem and flowers, cabbage, ladies’ finger, beans, onions, shallots, bitter guard, cauliflower, ivy guard, snake guard, cucumber and white guard are best for diabetic patients. In short they need to give preference to whole grains and vegetables than non-vegetarian items.

2. Muringa leaves, mint leaves, coriander leaves and different types of spinach are leafy vegetables that can provide them enough nutrient supplements.

3. Cucumber and lemon juice without sugar, fat removed butter milk and vegetable soups should be included in their healthy drinks.

4. Use ground nut oil, sunflower oil and refined oil in minute quantities for preparing their food.

5. White yolk, two pieces of fish, skin removed meat – 4 pieces, mutton – 4 pieces – these non-vegetarian items can be included in their diet once in a while.

6. When blood sugar level reaches normal level through proper control of diet according to doctor’s instructions, patient can include green peas, carrot, guava, papaya, orange, apple, water melon, beet root in his diet in low quantities.

What items are to be excluded?

1. Sugar, honey, jaggery, jam, coconut chutney, coconut oil, dalda, energy boosters, juices and tinned juices should be avoided by the patient.

2. Groundnut, almond, cashew nuts, mango, goat liver, dry fruits, cakes, pastries, grapes, pine apple, coconut juice, potato, elephant yam and some types of tubers should be avoided.

3. Avoid sugar and fat content dishes as much as possible and give preference to fiber content. If so, it’s possible to bring diabetics under control.

N.B: Though I have listed a few items in this simple diet plan, a diabetic patient should clearly follow doctor’s instructions while choosing items for his diet. My aim is just to provide an idea of the topic.

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