Eat fruits this way and get maximum health benefits

How to eat fruits? When to eat fruits? These are a few common doubts related to all of us. Yes, eating fruits properly adds extra benefits and we get maximum nutrition. Rich in antioxidants and minerals, fruit is considered as a good snack or filler, something which we can healthy substitute for desserts and sugar. It’s said that to get full benefits of eating fruits, we should not add them along with regular meals. Have them in breaks, not with any other food. Though fruits are a bit expensive, they are good for our health in long term.

You can prepare colourful fruit salads adding different fruits. It cools the body and gives you delicious and tasty dish, apart from providing all health supplements in good proportion. Everyone should include fruits in their diets regularly. But how to eat fruits. To get full benefits of eating fruits, you need to check a few points. Here are they.

Healthy ways to eat fruits

If you eat same fruit daily, it won’t provide you nutrition in proper quantities. Different fruits contain different supplements; health benefits too are different. So, it’s a nice idea to intake 2-3 different varieties of fruits every day, so that you get maximum nutrition and health benefits. It also improves defense mechanism of body.

If it’s possible to eat skin along with fruits, never leave it. In most fruit skins, plenty of anti-oxidants and health supplements are available. Hence wash them properly and detoxify them, before use. In the case of apple, its skin has anti-oxidants 5 times extra, comparing its flesh.

Skin of sapota contains vitamin c, antioxidants, potassium, iron etc. Apart from health benefits, such supplements are good for skin too. In the case of pears, half the amount of total fiber and antioxidants are present in skin. But if you have doubts about the presence of pesticides, it’s better to remove skin and use. All fruits prepared through organic farming are safe, and can be taken along with skin.

Juices and smoothies are the most favourite items prepared using fruits. But the main issue is, fiber content will be lost. When you use fruits the way you get from plants, all the nutritional supplements are better utilized. It’s also a good idea, not to strain juices after preparation. You can drink them without filtering. It gives additional benefits of fiber. If possible, avoid adding excess white sugar to juices. Juices themselves are tasty and sweet. Honey is a better substitute for sugar.

When you use fruits as such, and not as fruit juices, it gives maximum benefit to teeth. When you eat food with excess fiber, stomach fills easily. It improves digestion and then reduces calorie intake, catalysing weight loss.

Whatever food you take, it increases sugar level in blood soon after. It is measured in terms of glycemic index. It’s applicable in the case of fruits also. Those with diabetics should take fruits with less glycemic index. It’s always a better choice to eat fruits 2 hours before or after main meals.

When you eat fruits with high glycemic index, add food items which contains proteins and fats too. For example, you can eat chia seeds, flex seeds or nuts along with apple. When you prepare salads using fruits, you can add seeds and nuts.

Avoid drinking water soon after eating fruits. If you drink water, sweetness and other factors in fruits easily get mixed with digestive enzymes causing discomforts to stomach.

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Disclaimer: This article has been prepared referring a health magazine. If you are taking any kind of medicines, kindly consult your physician. Take this article as a reference only.

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