Do you know the health and medicinal benefits of mangoes?

Mango – The king of all fruits! Apart from eating it raw and ripen, mangoes are used to prepare wide varieties of dishes, including desserts and side dishes. Mango also owns a lot of nutritious factors. Ayurveda says, eating mangoes on a regular basis increases longevity and provides health as well.

Factors present in mango improve digestion and defense mechanism of the body. It is beneficial for the conditions such as anemia, cold, skin diseases etc. It improves the functioning of both brain and heart, apart from improving beauty and health of hair and skin. Mango as fruit and raw, and even the skin is used as medicine.

Health and medicinal benefits of mangoes

1. Do you want to increase weight? Eat 2-3 slices of mango, and then drink milk. On regular basis if you drink milk soon after having juice of mango, it reduces paleness.

2. Pick fallen tender mangoes, clean it well, dry and make a fine powder. Boil some buttermilk and add a little of this powder to it. It is a good remedy for vomiting in kids. Give it a few times a day.

3. Juice of green mango is a good medicine to cuts and wounds. It heals wounds.

4. Make a fine paste of green mango along with its skin and prepare juice. This drink improves the strength of parts of intestine.

5. Juice of green mango is a good remedy for cracks in feet. Use it on a regular basis to retain the beauty of feet.

6. Crush green mango and extract juice. Boil and cool water, and add to it along with a pinch of salt and sugar. It’s a good medicine for dehydration after vomiting and thirst as well.

7. There is a remedy of excess bleeding of ladies during menstruation using green mango skin. Chop skin of green mango into a few pieces and fry in ghee. Then add a little sugar and make a fine paste. Make small capsules from it and eat them at frequent intervals a day. You can also have it on a regular basis. Make a fine paste of green mango skin and roll it to a gooseberry sized ball. Eat it every day.

8. Apply the stain of mango stalk (while plucking mangoes) in the area of scorpion bits. It gives relief.

9. Never eat green mangoes which have sour taste in excess. It can cause joint pain.

10. It’s good to eat mangoes without removing skin. Immerse mangoes in water, after adding a little tamarind or turmeric. After half an hour, you can eat mangoes without removing skin,

11. If you have digestion problems after eating mangoes, eat a spoon of dry ginger powder. You can have it as many small dozes.

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Disclaimer: This article has been prepared referring a health magazine. If you are taking any kind of medicines, kindly consult your physician. Take this article as a reference only.

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