Parents can also visit their kids if possible

We often hear stories a lot, seen in movies too, stills of parents eagerly waiting for their kids and grandkids at their home time & making a lot of preparations to welcome them. We often feel pity seeing their anxiety and loneliness of life. The age when they desire for their kids’ presence most, they may have to stay far away from kids. Kids may be in a metro or other country far away from reach of parents and parents need to wait till the next holiday or flight tickets. When we see such visuals in movies or read such stories we often hate kids for not caring their parents or for not staying along with them. Is it true always?

Now earning a living is difficult than before

Earlier human needs were only minimal, just needed food to eat and a shelter to live. But now things have changed a lot in the recent past. Now all are more future-oriented, career oriented too. Dreams are also high. Human needs and expenses have also increased many-fold. To assure their kids’ safe future, parents are flying away from home towns to faraway places. Now jobs are at high risk too, with high target pressures, stress and tensions, particularly in the private sector.

So, due to many reasons kids can’t be blamed alone

Now everyone is a professional and to fulfill parents’ dreams they fly to another part of the world. Obviously they need to go far and in most cases parents are not willing to move from their home. So, kids alone leave with his/her spouse and children. Also, in high professional jobs it’s not at all easy to get leaves and they have double workload.

Why can’t parents visit kids if their health condition is OK?

In most cases parents are living a free life after pension with a few health related problems. They might be looking after their agricultural fields or part time jobs too. But kids have tight schedule and run after the time to assure a good life for their kids. In most cases parents never want to live with their kids in a strange and new town. If so, why can’t they travel a visit to their kids’ home? If their health condition is Ok, it’s possible in most cases though there are a few exceptions. They will get enough time to play with their grandkids too. Since they are now free of work pressure and almost all liabilities, they never need to wait for leave availabilities too. Isn’t it better to give them a surprise visit at least once in a year if it’s possible? Who knows, your kids may be eagerly waiting for your arrival too!

It’s just time that creates a wall between these two generations. It never matters who breaks it first. Break the myth that it’s kids’ duty to visit their parents. In a few cases ego also create problems. Most significant is we get a few moments to share together to bring memories of old good days of togetherness back. What do you say? Just have a second thought!

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