Some simple measures to avoid heart attack

Heart – the most important part of a human body that pumps blood and nutrients to every cell of a body. Heart – The restless organ of human body. What happens if it loses its beat for a second? It’s called heart attack where heart stops functioning. Earlier heart attack and heart related diseases were exclusively defined for people above 60. But now heart attack is a common phenomenon even in late 20s or early 30’s. How many deaths do we hear frequently where a person dies due to heart attack in his 20’s! Why so? It happens due to the change of life style of modern man, where stress level has increased and manual efforts decreased.

‘Time and tide waits for no man’ – it seems as if modern man has become too much serious with this proverb. He is not getting enough time to take personal care or see a doctor for his health related problems. Lack of exercises and unhealthy food habits give him more reasons to approach heart related problems earlier. Anxieties and tensions, particularly job pressure adds more fuel to the burning fire.

According to most recent reports unnecessary tensions, pressures and anxieties can lead to heart diseases. It gives double chances of heart attacks – reports say. So, lead a tension free and cool life to protect your heart from dangers.

Estrogen plays an important role in protecting a female body from heart attacks till she reaches menopause, i.e. around 45. That’s the reason why heart attacks are most common in younger males and older females. Also females are neglected most, leading to their early death during late 40’s or early 50’s.

Now let me give you a few simple protective measures to conserve your heart.

1. Once you reach 30, do a periodic checkup of blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol. If your family members do have such diseases, never neglect the checkups.

2. Control the intake of sugar, fat and salt to keep 3 levels under control. Imbalance of anyone gives more chances for heart related diseases.

3. Exercise is very important for us. Even half hour daily walk is sufficient to protect our heart.

4. Eat food only when you feel hungry. If so you can surely reduce chances to get a heart attack.

5. Practise yoga or simple exercises to reduce mental pressure. Even a simple morning walk to the nearby garden or park lessens your mental stress level a lot.

6. Avoid friends and relatives who talk about diseases always. Keep distance from those who fill your mind with negative thoughts. Choose healthy relations who carry positive perspectives towards life.

7. Do seek a good cardiologist’s opinion if you have any doubts regarding your heart’s health.

8. A heart patient can also lead a free life. Keep your mind happy and free of tensions. You can surely lead a normal life like other people.

Citation: Kindly seek a doctor’s opinion and use this column as a reference only. I have added this column from a health magazine.

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