Go through these simple tips before you purchase a new flat

Flat or home – it reflects the mind and the beauty consciousness of persons who live in it. Many of us believe that due to restricted area of flats, it’s not at all possible to design interior of a flat as we wish. Let me break that myth by giving you people a few simple tips.

If you are to purchase a new flat you can take part in its design from its planning/designing phase itself. You can see the basic floor plan and from the blocks available you can choose one. It helps you to have a clear idea of your flat and it will of course help you to choose from the best according to your requirements. You should closely examine its doors and windows and to where, they are opening. It is easy to check if builders are using good quality materials for construction, size of rooms, storage spaces etc. During designing phase it is easy to change plan and make a few alterations.

You should wisely make use of the space available in a flat. Use white or cream colours for walls and floor. They make your interior appear spacious; reflects light well too. Fill your rooms with a few items only and leave the rest space free, so that you can walk through freely. Latest trend is indirect and concealed lighting and you can use both warm lights and cool lights in a wise manner for this purpose. If you want to make your flat spacious, you can partition the whole bedroom area into two instead of three. Partition boards can also be used for this purpose as they are cheap and can be altered at any time you wish to bring a new look to your interior.

In almost all flats, a corridor is available between the main door and living room. Never leave this space also. Place a few paintings here. If your flat is not so spacious, no need to separate living room from dining hall. A wall in between may make your rooms congested. If needed, you can place a curtain in between. ‘L’ shaped halls are best for privacy. Big furniture takes away the space of your interior. More than traditional wooden furniture, simple glass, metal and steel chairs and tables suit flats. They add a ‘modern touch’ to your interior too. Glass top dining tables made of steel is best for your dining hall. It gives a spacious look to your dining area too.

Make your bedroom colourful using bright and trendy curtains. But light shades are always the best for curtains, pillow covers and bed sheets. You can place small cushions of bright colours here and there. Kitchen needs a lot of things to be noted during designing phase. Now everything is done in inbuilt way, where spaces inside walls are provided for refrigerator, mixer, oven and grinder. While designing bathroom never forget to divide it into dry area and wet area.   

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