A few handy tips for your textile shopping

Textile shopping – the most favourite hobby of every lady with me including in the same folk! Time passes like a jet rocket if we are in a shopping mall busy with regular purchases. But several times, I have noticed a fact – we need to be sensible in shopping, otherwise both our time and money will be consumed for wrong reasons. Shall I tell you a few facts that I often keep in mind while shopping? Also read: A few more tips for textile shopping

Before entering a textile shop, I always try to make some mental calculations on purchases and money to be spent. If so, I can restrict a lot of desires saving my home budget that can be used for other purchases. Am I not right? Shopping – a strange magical world where we will never be satisfied of our purchases. So, why should we spend extra if both less and high purchases give us the same end result. But I always check what are those essentials that I need so that I never forget before I leave.

I always feel that black, white and its shades are always trendy. It suits every woman. Also, I never prefer complex and big designs for my husband’s costumes. Simple is the best and light blue shades with simple designs suit them best. But I may choose attractive colours for my kid. Kids always look bright in colourful shades. I may prefer kurthas or churidar tops and each time I try to choose something different – either top or bottom as I want to add a fresh pair to my collection than a repetitive one. Same is the case of colours chosen too. Chudi bottom pants looks nice with latest trend. Dupattas of different types and colour shades can give a new look to an old churidar set. Cotton prints, silk, synthetic – I am often confused at stalls seeing different types of dupattas available. So many choices!

Summer season is very soon to begin. So I may prefer cotton, linen, handloom or khaddar type costumes. What about you? Cotton is simply the best if you are going out for a shopping. Choose dress according to present climate. Let me tell you a secret. I often feel less confident in choosing a costume if I go alone. I need to hear someone else opinion before I purchase a costume. I think, it’s better to go for textile shopping with spouse or a few friends with good dress sense so that we never feel confused with our choices. Also, they can give suggestions on which dress suits us the best. For me, I never think twice if my hubby gives a nod for my selection.

Also, a simple tip before I conclude. Choose dress that fits your body size well. Otherwise it looks as if you have no fashion sense. Even the most beautiful dress of the world looks funny if doesn’t suit the right person. 

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