Extra protection to your home this rainy season

During monsoon season, it’s quite common to see small patches on walls and ceilings due to moisture. Slowly it attacks the wall paint and destroys it completely. If you take a few safety measures, you can avoid such a condition. Here are a few such tips to protect your home this rainy season.

1. Before monsoon steps in, clean your home’s roof and terrace. Also scratch off fungus, ferns and mud. If so, presence of moisture on roof and terrace can be blocked to great extent.

2. Check if drainage pipes placed in the terrace for easy flow of rain water are blocked by dry leaves. During rainy season, if water on terrace is blocked by leaves, slowly moisture will attach the walls and water can also enter through doors damaging wooden parts.

3. If you give ventilator to rooms, moisture presence inside rooms can be resisted to some extent. Cross ventilation is the better choice, where air can enter through one ventilator and exit the room through other, just opposite to the first one. Also open your windows to let the moisture exit the room, if it’s not raining outside.

4. If you have planted indoor plants, remove them during rainy season. They can increase moisture presence inside the room. Better place them in some shady place, away from light and rain.

5. If your walls get damaged in the rain due to moisture problems do the maintenance work soon after rainy season leaves. Just a patch work of re-painting is not enough. Move a little more cement from the deep, apply new putti and then paint the portion. Use water-proof motors to seal the areas having leaks.

6. Now water-proof paints are also readily available in markets. If needed, you can paint the house – both interior and exterior before monsoon arrives. These paints won’t allow moisture to stay in your interior. Happy monsoon to everybody.

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