How to deal with Morning Sickness? A few useful tips

The most beautiful moment of a lady’s life is when she becomes a mother. It makes a woman’s life complete. Motherhood means finding new happiness of life. Yet when a child is born in mother’s womb, a lot of difficulties are also born; dizziness, vomiting, tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea and many more. This condition is termed as morning sickness. She may feel to eat some special food while she even hates her most favourite dish this time. It happens due to hormonal changes as well as body changes. When body of a lady adapts to a body of a mother, a lot of changes are associated with it.

Vomiting is the most common symptom

Vomiting is most common in first three months and it’s caused by HCJ hormone. Yet vomiting is seen as a good indicator of a healthy baby and placenta as in most cases, mother delivers a baby with sufficient weight. But if mother completely avoids food and vomits always, it’s a bit worrying. This condition is known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. In very rare cases, she may vomit a little blood too. It happens due to contraction of blood vessels. No need to worry till it exceeds the limit. It might be the indicator of liver disease. Though scientists have not arrived at a correct conclusion, why a pregnant lady vomits, it’s considered to be either genetic or mental.

Vomiting may be categorized to mild and severe. Ladies falling to mild category can do all works as usual and she doesn’t need medicines. Through urine quantity test it’s possible to know if she wants medicine. If its amount is below 500 ml every day, she needs extra care. Also she needs to do acetone test. If acetone content of urine is excess in urine it affects the brain growth of fetus.

Remedy for vomiting

Eat your favourite food items – it’s the best remedy for vomiting. Eat a little amount food at regular intervals. Also take your own time for taking food. If you eat excess food in 3 intervals a day you may feel suffocation and discomfort, feels like vomiting too. So it’s better to take small meals in 5 or more intervals. Always keep some snacks or favourite fruit at hand distance. In case you feel like vomiting you can have them.

Eat light if you feel like vomiting. Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. You can choose coconut water, juice items or butter milk to drink, if you hate drinking water. Less fat drinks are best to avoid vomiting. After food, close your eyes and take rest for a while. You will feel good. Strong odour of spices, perfumes and agarbathis (intense sticks) may cause vomiting. If so, keep distance from those unpleasant things.

After third month, vomiting reduces and she begins to eat food. Supply nutritious food with abundant protein content. Milk products, peas, fish, egg and meat contain protein in abundance. In addition to these items include leafy vegetables also. They contain calcium in extra quantities.

Vomiting is associated with many diseases too. For example, jaundice, appendicitis, meningitis, kidney infection, uncontrolled diabetics and gastritis. Many often misjudge them to be a part of morning sickness. Ensure that vomiting is not due to these problems.

If vomiting extends

If vomiting is excess she may be hospitalized. Glucose, sodium and drip to balance electrolyte situation (IV fluid) may be needed sometimes. Vomiting from first month to sixth is normal. But if it extends after that, it should be taken serious. It may be the symptom of liver problems or Pre-eclampsia due to high blood pressure. If not given proper treatment it affects both mother and baby.

While taking medicines

It’s better not to take medicines during the first three months of pregnancy. Also, it takes a few days to know if you are pregnant or not. The time between the lost period cycle and confirmation of pregnancy, if you have taken any high doze medicine, you may feel worried. So if you have decided to have a child in your life, it’s better not to take high doze medicine at this stage. It is always better to cure every disease before you take decision to conceive.

If you need to take medicine during gestation period, tell doctor that you are pregnant. Medicines are categorized to different groups and doctors never prescribe ‘X’ category to pregnant ladies. But if she is under critical condition she may be given such medicines even if it affects the fetus.

Iron tablets and multi-vitamin tablets are usually suggested by doctors this time. They need not be considered as medicines. Iron deficiency may lead to anemia of mother and it can cause growth problems to fetus. That’s the reason why doctors prescribe iron tablets.

To get refreshment

Treat her with affection

If you keep thinking about difficulties of pregnancy, dislikes, vomiting and nausea they will never keep distance from you. So try to concentrate yourself in some activities, books or music. You can even talk to your unborn child during those hours.

Depression may lead to vomiting in ladies. Ladies have a tendency to hide their sorrows. It can adversely affect the growing baby in your womb. If need, consult a psychologist and bring positive thoughts to your mind. Family members also need to show love, support and affection to a carrying mother so that she forgets every worry and sorrow. Morning sickness is just a small trouble that you can overcome with your strong heart. Why not! You are eagerly waiting for the most happy moment of your life.

Let me conclude

Morning sickness is just a pleasant episode of the beautiful journey of life. Many ladies accept it with mature heart while some others worry a lot about it. Always think that most beautiful gift given by god is of course a baby and we need to tolerate a little bit discomforts to get that beautiful gift in our hands. When you see him in your lap, you forget every worries and dislikes associated with it for sure.

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Citation: I have prepared this article based on a health article in a magazine, and should be considered for reference only. Please seek the advice of your doctor before reaching any conclusion.

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