10 ‘Cost Effective’ Tips to match your tastes with home construction budget

Our house plan may contain a lot of specialties to make it special. Certain plans can conserve those tastes as well as reduce our expenditure. Let me give you some simple tips.

1. If you are planning to build a 3 bedroom home it’s better to make two bed rooms bath attached and third bathroom common. If so any guest or stranger from outside can use it without disturbing the privacy of house members. 

2. If it’s two storied building, it’s better to construct two bed rooms in the first floor and one in the upper storey. If so, senior citizens can use bedroom of ground floor.

3. Place a divan coat in your living room. It gives posh look to your living room and it can be used as a resting place or bed if needed.

4. Kitchen, living area and dining room built in open construction makes them appear large. The area needed for building walls and doors can be reduced. It minimizes the construction cost too.

5. If a courtyard is built exactly at the center of the home, all rooms will get enough sunlight and ventilation. If your home is not spacious to build a courtyard inside, you can find space for it on a side. Such inbuilt courtyards in limited space can be filled with greenery too.

6. If you have enough land to build the house, single storied building is the best. If so, all members of home get more opportunities to communicate each other. You can do tress work on its top to reduce heat beneath and make avail of that space to build a home theatre, storage space or library/study hall.

7. Now fusion design is the latest trend – fusion of traditional and contemporary designs. If it’s not done without proper planning and expert’s advice, it may not be attractive. You may lose a lot of money as well.

8. Tastes of family members, uses of each space, dreams as well as total budget – give a clear picture of these things to your architect while he is drawing your home plan.

9. One family member may be using some musical instruments according to his taste or another member prefers to have a home library. You should find space for its storage and its use in the planning stage itself.

10. You should have a clear idea of future modifications when your kids’ grow up, or the addition of new members to the family. At that time you should be able to include those specifications with less cost.

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