Which natural food items can give you daily energy in a healthy way?

We need a lot of energy to do our daily functions and activities, and remain fresh throughout the day both physically and mentally. Though many health products are available in market, they are bit expensive and they can never be the substitutes of natural food items. I would like to brief a few among those energy supplying food items can be included in our daily diet which keep body in equilibrium and supply energy also. Also read: Refreshment giving food.
1. Make nuts a part of your daily diet. A handful of nuts a day such as cashews, pista or badam can keep you fresh throughout the day. You can also try a combination of different kinds of nuts.
2. Never quit your breakfast. Breakfast is described as ‘Food for brain’ and a carbohydrate rich breakfast is best. If your body and brain is not supplied with this energy food, it will starve and affect your activities for the whole day. Idli – dosa with sambar, steam cake with banana or chickpeas etc are healthy Indian breakfasts.
3. Avoid using polished grains as much as possible. Fiber contents in non-polished grains such as rich can improve your health a lot.
4. Dates and gooseberry are best for people suffering from anemia and paleness. Make them a part of the daily diet.
5. Fruits are rich in anti-oxidants and a combination of different types of fruits gives positive effects. Chop different kinds of fruits and make a fruit salad of 1 cup, and consume it daily. Apart from energy, it also helps in body defense mechanism.
6. Always consume seasonal fruits. They are cheap and healthy as well.
7. You can add cinnamon powder to drinking water and use it regularly. It resists diseases to some extent.
8. Never take fruits and tea together. It results in the lose of body vitamins. It’s always advisable to take fruits one hour after tea.
9. While preparing fruit juices, make a habit to add lemon juice and a little leafy vegetables. You can add lettuce, celery, mint and similar green coloured leaves.
10. If you use  wheat, ragi, corn, roasted gram etc to prepare your breakfast dishes, it will overcome deficiency of sodium in your body. You can powder these grains to prepare healthy dishes like dosa, ada, steam cake etc.
Through this column I have mentioned a few energy giving natural food items. Make them a part of your daily diet.
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