Alencier Ley Lopez – A late recognized actor

It happens once in a blue moon – A single dialogue or a screen appearance for a bit role can change the destiny of an actor. Though it’s rare, it has happened several times in Malayalam. In the recent times, it happened in the life of a stage actor – Alencier Ley Lopez. Lopez is a less-known actor of Mollywood though he has been active in theatre and film field for many years. 

The single dialogue which changed the destiny

‘Enta Idea Aayi Poyi’ (which literally means ‘it happened to be my idea’) is a popular dialogue from 2016 release – Maheshinte Prathikaaram. The dialogue was delivered by the character Baby, owner of a small printing shop, whose idea backfired him and in agony he delivers the dialogue. This single dialogue emerged as a comedy one liner for the year, and Lopez became a star overnight. 

Where was Alencier till Maheshinte Prathikaaram happened to him?

Not many knew that Alencier is associated with Malayalam cinema since 1998. He was first seen in Manju Warrior starrer Daya in 1998, followed by less-significant film roles. He capitulated to fame soon after the release of Maheshinte Prathikaaram in 2016, which was a huge hit. His role as George Lopez in Njan Steve Lopez (2013) also met with critical success. After gaining attention through his flawless acting skills, he received his major film – Maheshinte Prathikaaram.
Since then Alencier was known for handling serious roles. When the director Dileesh Pothan approached him with a comedy role, he hesitated first. But the director asked him to do the role in a serious way, and that’s how ‘Baby Chettan’ happened.

How is Alencier Ley Lopez different from other actors?

Though he played a comic role for Maheshinte Prathikaaram, he did the role as a serious character of the movie. But realistic acting skills, flawless dialogue delivery style, facial expressions and body language surprised the audience a lot giving some hilarious comedy scenes. His role as Baby Chettan was welcomed by audience with huge applause.

Association with acting since school days

Lopez hails from Puthenthope of Thiruvananthapuram district. He got associated with acting since primary school days. He used to watch plays staged at his annual church festivals during Christmas days and used to by-heart them. Later he imitated several memorable roles before his friends after the Christmas vacation, and earned appreciation. His grandfather was a professional theater artist, and thus Lopez got associated with the art since younger days.
Later he started a theatre troupe, Netaji Theatres in association with a few friends, and started staging plays. He got advanced learning in Theatre from University College, Thiruvananthapuram. He got his first film in the late 1980s. It was an unreleased film – Sakhavu – Viplavathinte Sukra Nakshatram directed by the iconic filmmaker P. A. Becker. He got his first film break through Daya in 1998.

Got good roles through Rajeev Ravi films

Since early days he received some good roles through this talented director’s movies. In fact Njan Steve Lopez (2013) gave him a big break, and regarded as his career best. He played the role of a loving father in the film, an unforgettable character. He also essayed noted roles in Rajeev’s Annayum Rasoolum and the recent release, Kammatipaadam (2016). Now he is a busy actor with handful good roles in his kit. 


Late recognition at the age of 50


Though he has been associated with Malayalam cinema for almost two decades, he struggled to get good roles. The actor says that he received help from many good friends from the industry. Yet none other turned to be a big opportunity to him, till Njan Steve Lopez happened to him. The actor believes that it was only his bad luck that he couldn’t gain early success in film career. Most recently there were allegations against the actor as a part of #MeToo movement, which stormed into Indian film industry. 

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