An eco friendly home to live close to nature

Nowadays we worry a lot about global warming, climatic changes and problems faced by we people due to our own acts of cutting trees and building concrete blocks. But have you ever thought, what can be done to avoid such hazards? Everything begins at home; same is the case of constructing homes also. So, let me give you a few tips to construct an eco friendly home.

1. Give importance to sunlight and air ventilation while constructing your home. Courtyard inside the home or pergola roofing can provide you both these natural positive forms of energies.

2. Use CFL lamps instead of incandescent bulbs. It is 10 times durable than normal bulbs; saves 75% energy too.

3. Never dump damaged electric instruments. Instead read the manual to know how to destroy it without damaging the nature.

4. Instead of plastic covers use paper bags and cloth containers.

5. Plant a lot of trees in your premises. They give you free oxygen plenty. They provide shades and coolness to your home too. It keeps the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide as well.

6. Cultivate a few vegetables in your courtyard; use natural fertilizers only.

7. Use solar energy if possible. It cuts your electricity bill. You can fix heaters in your home that work on solar energy. From there you can pump water to bathroom and kitchen.

8. You can compost your kitchen waste, thus making your home premises clean and tidy. Construct a bio plant at your home. Never allow plastics to degrade in your home premises.

9. Colour of your roof can determine the total temperature inside your home. Dark colours increase the temperature inside your rooms, while light shades reduce it. Use materials for roofs that absorb only less heat. Asbestos sheets absorb temperature a lot.

10. Similarly, dark walls absorb heat as well as light, thus making your rooms appear dark, less spacious and hot. So, choose white or light shades only which provide you a pleasant atmosphere.

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