Make your dieting hours tastier and nutritious using these tips

Due to excess weight and fat deposits, anyone can lose the body shape. It can mentally affect you, and affect your self confidence as well. It also paves way to life style diseases, thus affecting your health in long term also. To reduce weight, exercises only is not enough. You need to have a balanced diet, yet reduce calorie intake, thus bringing suitable changes in food habits so that you get desired results. Dieting can be done in a ‘nutritious’ and ‘tasty’ way, rather than fasting.

Carbohydrate we take through food gives energy to our body. Proteins and fats make your body healthy and fat, while vitamins and minerals help in the balance of body activities. While you are trying to cut down a few calories, it’s not advisable to fully cut off any of these nutrients completely. Instead you can keep an eye on calorie intake and control them in a healthy way. Read: Healthy Poha Recipe Using Quinoa or Oats.

To healthily reduce the body weight, it’s always advisable to do it with the help of a food expert or health expert. Yet by reducing the total energy of food intake, you can reduce body weight significantly. By reducing food containing excess quantity of carbohydrates and fats, you can achieve this milestone. While taking measures to control obesity, you should take into consideration your life style and food intake till then, and then put controls wherever it’s needed. Read: Healthy Oats – Apple Pancake recipe.

Tips to reduce total energy in food intake

1. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits with less amount of carbohydrate.

2. Include food rich in fibre content. It reduces hunger and also controls the whole digestive functions.

3. Grains are the main source of carbohydrate. So, when you take grains, prefer ones with bran. For instance, brown rice.

4. Apart from energy and fats, nuts contain rich amount of fiber and protein. If you use nuts in controlled way, it reduces hunger, thus reducing body weight and chances of heart diseases.

5. For light meals and snacks, you can add fat removed yogurt, buttermilk, curd etc. It reduces food carvings too.

6. Soft drinks are high in calories, but low in nutrients. Completely cut them off from your daily food habits. Also avoid intake of sweets, desserts etc which give more chances for type-2 diabetics.

7. You can substitute juices with fruits, which add fiber content to your diet. Read: Tender Coconut – Avocado Smoothie Recipe.

8. If you skip breakfast, it leads to obesity, especially in kids and teens.

9. When you are taking steps to reduce energy intake, your body should never be deprived of proteins. Pulses, fish, meat after removing fat, egg etc should be a part of diet. Sprouted peas improves nutritional quality of food intake, and also neutralizes many health hazards of the body.

10. Before main course food, you can add buttermilk, fatless soup, and starch-less fruits like guava, apple, orange etc. You can also include salads using vegetables and leafy vegetables. It reduces the quantity of carbo-rich food intake as main course, thus reducing total calorie intake. Read: Soupy Dumpling Recipe.

11. It’s most important to keep body hydrated even while you are on dieting. Water is needed for the smooth functioning of our body and all metabolic activities. Drink sufficient water. It also reduces appetite, and controls intake of other food items.

12. Even while you are following less-fat diet, you should ensure that your body is getting sufficient fat. Fat is essential for the absorption of Vitamins A, D, E and K. If you totally avoid fat intake, it can cause the formation of stones in pituitary gland. Read: Healthy Chicken Vegetable Salad.

13. The food diet you choose should be compatible with your weight, age, job profile, health condition, medication, body structure and efficiency. Availability of food items and your economic status should also be considered.

14. If you are on dieting, you should take at least 2 litres of water daily. If you take exercise, you can take up to 3.5 litres of water. Salt added buttermilk and lemon juice can be taken. You can also take tender coconut milk, but not in excess. Read: Healthy Vegetable Roll Recipe.

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