10 Hair colouring tips for you

Are you a person exploring different hair styles in different seasons? To become trendy, you may love to give a golden brown colour for one layer of hair. Colouring is easy, and gives a modern look as well. But remember a few things while using artificial colours for your hair.

1. The given colour should match with skin tone. Then only it becomes a perfect match.

2. Always test it with a little hair before you do the colouring process for an entire lock of hair. If only you are convinced with the colour, you can apply it as you desire. Also do an allergy test before you apply hair dye.

3. For persons having good complexion, both dark and light shades suit well. But for people with dark complexion, light colours don’t make a perfect match.

4. Hair should be taken as layers while doing hair colouring. You can also try new shades by mixing two shades.

5. If you are using permitted hair colours, you need to colour the roots as hair grows. Hair colouring should be done from certified beauticians only.

6. Colours are of variant types and shades, suiting everyone’s age. When teenagers try three or more colour shades at the same time, elders prefer black and burgundy shades.

7. Never use excess shampoo or oil in the coloured hair. Use only some mild shampoo, and should use hair conditioner soon after using shampoo. Hair bath too – once in two days is preferable.

8. If you want natural colours and want to avoid chemicals, henna is the best option. Henna stimulates hair growth and controls dandruff too. You can use henna once in a month.

9. If suitable care is not taken, hair dyeing can result in so many problems. Hair dyeing should be done without touching the scalp.

10. After dyeing never wash your hair with hot water. Use shampoo only after 48 hours. Also use colour protector conditioner.

How to make henna at home? 

Henna is a natural colour which stimulates hair growth also. Henna can be made at home. Take 2 cups of water in an iron vessel (Irumb Cheena Chatti in Malayalam). Add 6 dry gooseberries, 1 big spoon coffee powder and tea powder each, and bring it to boil. Filter the solution and allow it to cool. Later add 3 big spoons of henna powder, 2 big spoons of curd and one egg and mix well.

Keep it in refrigerator for 12 hours. You can do this process overnight and use henna the next day. Henna should be applied to hair in layers, and allow it to dry for minimum 1 to 2 hours. Simply wash the hair. You can also use some mild shampoo. Remaining henna can be placed back in refrigerator.

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