Small makeover tips to bring a positive attitude

Going to office every day in same style and attitude – doesn’t it sound boring? Haven’t you wished to get compliments from colleagues for your attitude and style quotient? Small changes in dressing and makeup can break the daily routine style, and you can try them once in a while. A few such makeover tips for you.

Let’s start with hair style

Shampoo and condition your hair and leave it unlocked. It’s one of the easy makeover hair styles.

Approach a good hair stylist and make a good haircut that suits your face and style. If you go to office every day in a girlish look with plaited hair, try heavy look once in a while. On either side of lengthy hair, try feather cut, and for a change, curl the tips. This look is highly attractive and highly recommended for makeovers with less cost of time and money.

If lengthy face is what which stops you from different hair styles, there is yet another trick too. Take some locks on hair on either side of face, and cut beneath the chin. But it should never be above and in the same level of chin. You can easily notice the disappearance of lengthy chin.

You can try pony tail also. Iron and curl the hair tip. You can also tie hair together in a round hair style, instead of a pony tail. Just leave two or three hair strokes here and there, to add a stylist look to normal style.

Try this: After hair spa, divide hair into different parts and wrap in tissue papers. Now curl the hair and pin it in the back side. After 10 minutes, unlock it to get curly hair.

Try a different lipstick

It you regularly use maroon or brown shades of lipstick, try with some nude shades. Use a little lip balm or Vaseline just before you apply lipstick. It acts as a moisturizer. If you love dark shades most, try shades of peach or pink.

Red lipstick can add elegance to your look, if you choose black or white attire for a party. If you love brown shades most, for a change, apply a little skin tone foundation on your lip and then apply brown lipstick. If so, you will get a different shade of brown lipstick.

Try this: If you don’t like lipstick, use beetroot as alternative. Extract a big spoon of beetroot juice and keep it in refrigerator. Add 1-2 spoons of juice to this every day. After one week, it turns thick and becomes a gel. Before you go out, apply this gel on your lips. It’s a natural lipstick.

Trendy metal ornaments

Many of us have the habit to use same gold ornaments every day, either it is ear rings or chains. For a change, buy some metal ear rings and pendent long chains. If you wear jeans and top, use simple pearl ear ring or diamond. Simple metal bangles and stone bracelets can be chosen as other accessories. Avoid chains when you use heavy ear rings. If you choose some heavy embroidery work dress, heavy ear rings are nice. You can also try statement chains which can be used with any type of costumes.

Try this: Wrap metal ornaments in velvet clothes, and keep them away from sunlight and air. If so their colour and brightness won’t fade easily.

Special identity

Once in a while try formal dress instead of sari and churidar. Long kurta along with skin fit jeans or formal shirt with loose bottom can give a special identity.

While using old kurtis, wear a heavy neckpiece. It can completely change the look of kurta. You can also try simple belts with it. Tie around your neck, a mixed and match shawl (stole).

Try this: As stoles are soft and thin, never wash them in washing machine. Simply wash them in a little shampoo added water. Dry in shades.

Experiment your sandals with nude shades

Choose flat heels with casuals. Yet for a change, you can use high heels too. Golden and silver colour sandals are out of fashion now. Nude colours trend now. With jeans and T-shirts, you can try flat sandals with simple work or shoes also. Red heel shoes suit best for black and white colour costumes.

Cut your nails, shape it, and give base coat. Now it’s not trendy to sharpen the tip of nails (of feet). Instead try rectangular nails. At nail tips give white colour, and in the rest portion, give nail colour.

Try this: Before you put a new pair of shoes, apply a little petroleum jelly in the inner tip of the shoes. If so, shoe bite can be avoided.

Image source: Pixabay

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