10 Dine out tips for diabetic patients

Dine outs are not meant for family get-togethers or official meetings it’s for a change from normal routines too. For family trips or business tours too, it’s not practical to carry homemade food for the journey throughout. Dine out indirectly means ‘a few more calories to add without any reason’, and it mostly affects those going through life style diseases such as diabetics, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Oil used for preparation and its quantity, other fat ingredients, sugar, starch etc can adversely affect such patients and their health.

As we can’t check all the above factors or cook food accordingly, we need to take extra care while taking food from parties, restaurants etc. These simple tips can help you a little bit.

1. When to take food, what to eat and how much – a diabetic patient should have a clear idea of all these three questions. Also take food at the right time.

2. Avoid starters and soups as much as possible, before your meals. Avoid deep fries. Instead include green coloured salads which are protein rich. You can try a cucumber as a starter. If so, you won’t consume excess food.

3. Eat slowly. If so, you will consume only less amount of food. When you eat in haste, you are tempted to eat more.

4. Avoid taking fruits along with food or soon after meals. Instead you can try fruits as a separate meal. If so all the nutrients of fruits will be fully absorbed by the body and it won’t increase the blood sugar level easily.

5. Avoid sweet rich food, desserts etc, if you are diabetic.

6. Drink water frequently to retain water level of body.

7. Maida (all-purpose flour), corn flour and dairy food products are best to be avoided by diabetic patients.

8. Instead of deep fried items, you can choose grilled or boiled food items.

9. Among non-vegetarian items, fish curry is the best one.

10. After food, instead of desserts, order one cup curd.

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