Youth of this new millennium to born in 2018! Warm Welcome!

They started with slow google search. When they reached six, Samsung and Nokia became handsets! They entered gmail and orkutt world when they reached eight. At 10, they reached face book and when they reached teens in 2013, they smiled at the whole world through their computer screens, chatting through twitter and viewing you tube videos. Yes, teenage of this millennium had born in 2013. Now it’s August 2017 to end today. After a few months 2018 is to born. That means, kids born in the lucky millennium year 2000 will advance towards the last steps of teens and turn 18 in the calendar year 2018.

My nephew born in year 2000

The idea flashed through my mind when I thought about my cousin sister. She gave birth to a boy in the year 2000, September. Now this naughty kid still in teens is 17 years old, and next year he turns 18. The dangerous zone of 13-19 – the flying age of teens! The age to dream and fly without any tensions and with full ambitions! It’s the most dangerous age of one’s life to handle too. Till now this thought has strike my mind several times, this boy is so special that he is a ‘millennium kid’ and so are his classmates and close friends. It’s true too! He is one among those lucky kids who witness every change of new millennium. Also, everyone will talk about the phase after 2000, through these kids. They represent the change of life style, as whole. Right?

Youth of 21st century and new millennium to born in 2018

Kids born in year 2000 will turn 18 in 2018, that means first batch of youth in 21st century. They get the right to vote, and they are no longer kids! They are youth. New fashion trends, new thoughts, professional ideas and different attitude – let us see what millennium kids are to offer us new.

So, what have I noticed from this generation kids?

Every age of teens has some change, whether it’s 60’s, 80’s or 2000’s. We can say that past decade is fully dedicated to internet, social networking sites, computer games and of course, mobiles. What have I noticed in these kids?

I feel that new generation kids are intelligent than we people were, one or two decades back. Technology subjects are easier to them. In fact exposure to technology made everything easier. They can operate mobiles and computers smart, perhaps with ease than elders. May be they are most interested! What else can we find in this ‘new millennium’ teens? They have lost their patience a little bit, I feel so. Yet they are self-dependent than before, who have their own aims and dreams. Though they are addicted to net and social networks, they get more opportunities to mingle with people and get new ideas and information easily, though through virtual means. Now they give preference to go to a pizza corner with their friends to have a friendly chat than before. Rather than parents, new teens relay on friends, I feel so.

In the next 5 years, they will reach adult stage

Now stepping into the colourful youth stage, new phase of their life, in the next 5 years they can witness many more changes which we can never predict now. In the age of 23, most of them would have a clear idea on their future and professional careers, and may exit their college life too. They may take along with them, many memories and learnings they got now. Yet I feel that, new generation kids have new ideas and dreams of their own, to conquer each and every corner of this world with the help of google map, social sites, whatsapp and internet!

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