My logical reasons to believe SSR is alive. Listing 30+ points.

If you have followed my posts in FB, Twitter or blog, it’s not a hidden fact, Sandy believes SSR is alive. In my previous article, I put forward more than 85 co-incidences in the deaths of SSR & south Indian musician Balabhaskar. How can two incidents happened in two parts of the country at different points of time have so many striking similarities? Read more.
Putting forward a few points which make me believe Sush is alive
Putting forward a few logical questions. Please give your logical answers. Let us solve it together. When you give answer to a particular question, give the number also. I posted in twitter 2 days back.
1. If someone commits a crime, will he deliberately leaves clues for us to find him?
2. Will he commit mistakes in front of media & public to forcefully make us believe, a crime has occurred?
3. Will he do if it’s a high profile murder which grabs a lot of media attention?
4. Can murderer play a hidden number game to kill someone, or will he choose easy way to finish everything? Why should he plan everything based on number 7 & its multiples?
5. For a high profile murder, criminals will definitely choose professionals who make less mistakes. But why not for Sush?
6. Have we ever seen leaked photos of other celebrities dead? Then why for Sush only? Where are hanging pictures?
7. Now as it’s proved, leaked photos were morphed, why did they circulate fake photos same day?
8. Why the video was edited and released? They could have released a single shot video. Right?
9. Why culprits came in front of media and public? They could have come out once ambulance leave the spot. Yet, why everyone became so over confident?
10. Have we ever watched so many culprits directly coming out in front of media? Any murder occurred before? If so, Give me any example.
11. For a high profile murder with media attention, why should they give so many clues?
12. If murder was conducted at night, why they moved body at daytime, in front of media & people? Why they showed everything before media?
13. Why they shot 2 videos at night with 2 sets of corpses and same set of people? Body movements, foot steps & hand movements match exactly the same in two videos, and it’s 100% not possible without rehearsals? Then why did murderers rehearsed those sequences, shot it twice in two angles & released? Seriously, can it happen in a crime? For what purpose?
14. If murder happened at night/early morning, culprits should leave the place as early as possible. It’s illogical to think they will stay/sleep there till media comes at noon & easily walk in front of them. Am I not logically correct?
15. Who informed media? Why they waited till media came? If Pithani is associated with culprits, he could have waited till all culprits moved away from there before media arrives, and then informed media and sister. Right?
16. If they wanted to show as ‘Suicide’, why they left so many people there? Why they created an illusion of murder spot, including appearance of fake Pancholis? Why father-son appeared in same dress code similar to Jiah’s case when they made public appearance?
17. Are you sure, the person in leaked photos is Sushant?
18. Without seeing face in the leaked video, how you believed it’s he only?
19. Cut and paste head n body of 2 persons together to cover wounds???
Then my question,
If the pics are not original, why culprits released it, and took risk?
Ok, if we think it was done by someone who want justice for Sush, why he released morphed photos, not original ones?
20. Can you please tell me, how can more than 95 co-incidences happen in 2 murders happened in two cities at different points of time? Doesn’t it mean second was a staged one? Please refer to my previous posts about south Indian musician Balabhaskar. One more article listing the coincidences of Sush & Bala.
21. It’s not just the case of Bala; what about striking co-incidences with Kunal Singh & Jiah Khan?
22. How can his last film, Dil Bechara looks like his biopic? How can be so many striking co-incidences unless it’s pre-planned? The film director has once put a social media post saying he & Sush together made modifications to the script, though the basic storyline is same. Then how can someone else commit the crime making alterations in the script? See this instagram post of Kushal Zaveri.
23. Every fan desired to watch SSR on big screen for last time and were willing to wait till theatres reopen. The movie would have shattered all BO records and would have earned huge profits to filmmakers. The movie looks more like a biopic than a work of fiction. If this movie was made by culprits, why should they release at that time when media was filled with uproars for justice and suicide theory had just changed its narration to murder, taking high risk & giving clues? Are they psychos to give clues through movie? While I was watching the movie for the first time, I confirmed one thing with my post I published that time, the person (I don’t know who is he) who changed the script is this culprit, and I later came to know, Sush himself changed the script and added his own dialogues. 
24. If everything was pre-planned and he was murdered, then culprits should leave the spot in the early morning. If it was not pre-planned, culprits will get scared, and they will never appear in front of camera…. In both cases, they should never appear before cameras. But they appeared. How is it possible unless it’s a shooting and want to recreate a crime scene?
25. If you have not seen those photos and video, will you actively involve in justice movement? So, don’t you think those pics and videos were released purposefully, to keep us engaged? (One of the 50 dreams of Sush, where he wants to engage 1 billion people)
26. Makeup artists were brought to crime scene. His body was never placed for a public display. Then what’s the purpose of hiding injuries? Even if injuries can be hidden, they should show in PM reports, right? (Remember, claims of nail marks around neck?)
27. How is it possible, so many striking co-incidences with the deaths of Balabhaskar, Jiah Khan & Kunal Singh, along with number puzzle of 7, duality & double-slit experiment, everything happens together in a single case, unless it’s pre-planned and staged? Has it ever happened before?
28. When someone hang, first ambulance should arrive, then only media. First he will be taken to hospital. Here, first media arrived, then ambulance… then taken to hospital after 2 hours. They were live telecasting. Totally illogical. Also the dead body, was it regular? Bend body of irregular length, appeared as two pieces?
29. Why everyone of us are not convinced by dead pics and cremation video? Has it ever happened before? Why many people thinking, he is still alive?
30. Why did they shot same video twice at night? Purposefully done in two angles to confuse us, but showed three people… Bala, his wife and child (as per my theory on Balabhaskar). It can never happen in a suicide or murder. Hand movements, body movements… everything same; looks like everything well rehearsed!!
31. Why should ambulance driver Akshay release pics related to Kerala & Balabhaskar, unless both cases are linked?
32. Why Bala’s wife Lakshmi & Sush’s rumoured gf Rhea look too similar? Same is the case of Sandeep & Thampi too?
33. Why a birthday bash (of alleged culprit) in both cases, one day before the incident? Why same juice story & white car following the vehicle & also broken car glasses repeated?
Please check my old posts/articles/tweets connecting both with Sush.
How can all these co-incidences happen together in a single event unfolded in 2 days? If you can find logical reasons to prove my thoughts are wrong, please let me know.
Among all the points raised above, one of the striking point is, why should culprits appear before media and people at noon, instead of hiding…. that also after culprits informed media? It was 100% possible to execute a plan with less loopholes. Instead scenes created in such a way that we are forced to believe, whoever seen there are culprits. True or not? Culprits roaming around in front of cameras. They hid inside room till noon, informed media and police and suddenly jumped in front of public. Why? For me, one logic only – They wanted to show us something.
Some people give reasons such as, after committing crime at night, murderers fell asleep. When woke up saw people going for jogging and all, and hence hid inside.😂 Then why they appeared directly before media at noon? Why didn’t they wait till ambulance & media gone? Someone argued, it’s because of over confidence. Again my question is, then why they hid till noon? Someone told, they waited to cover up crime. My argument is, if Mumbai police can cover up everything, why to fear? They could have gone before media arrived. Why waited till media came in and capture everything as proof? Suppose they were in the influence of drugs. If so, how can they plan and execute the suicide episode in short time? Whatever we think, they will try to hide instead of appearing in public. Also, if culprits leaked photos, why morphed ones?
They are giving the same messages right from beginning. “Truth will come out soon”. Their posts, interviews, everything. If it’s co-incidental, why so much drama? He could have gone silently… instead showed us everything as a film in front of our eyes. Why to give so many clues?
Some people believe, he was rescued, and Rhea is a culprit. If rhea is a culprit, when did they scripted the fake death and executed it, and he got rescued? Within 1 week following Disha Salian’s death during lockdown, unless it was prepared much earlier? Then what about old whatspp chat messages, financial transactions, released videos and all? How they rehearsed shooting? Everything done after disha’s death!! Unbelievable!!!
In the instagram posts of Sush in the last week of April, he appears perfectly OK, happy, physically fit, enjoying lock down, busy learning coding & computer games, harnessing power of experiential technology to meditate like a superman. Then how you believed Rhea drugged him & gave overdose depression medicines? If he was facing threats since January, why he visited gym during lock down with Rhea? To use virtual reality & learning computer coding at the time of drug overdose and depression, how is it possible? Check the above pic which he posted on April 27, 2020 in Instagram; Drug dose tales of last few months don’t fit into this tale.
Disclaimer: I have prepared this post based on my research work and theories. I just put my facts and made a few theories, which are subjected to change once investigation completes. It’s my personal opinion only. It’s up to you to decide, to believe or not. Just try to connect the dots and reach your own conclusions please.


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