Dreams and Illusions – My quotes

“I don’t want to return to that space where my dreams are not alive.”

“I want that untold unfulfilled dream come true🦋💫💕”

“My dreams don’t lie in your eyes
My words won’t reach your ears
My arms even stretched won’t reach you
Because I am dumb and you are blind

“It’s always nice to die in a beautiful dream”

“When you fade away as a dream
My dreams also start fading”

“Now my mind desires to go back and take those dreams along with me, which I left in middle”

“To wake from dream to present🤗🤗
To make it fulfill♾♾💫💫💫”

“Realistic dreams are powerful enough to bring you to the shore of destinations.They act as strong as catalysts sometimes, though many times your dream is your worst weakness too”

“I shall born and die in your dreams everyday
And your eyes and brain capture me forever”
“Can excess of beliefs in dreams or ‘always positive’ attitude turn one person Daydreamer ???”
“You came to me before my dreams
And have gone before they full bloom…”
“If these visible rainbows colors
Is like a bubble,
If only a dream🦋🌈
Let no one wake me up from this trance
& Let me die in the lap of this dream forever
Without hurting anyone,
Without letting know anyone”
“Some dreams are so
Just like morning mist
They come slowly, conquer us
And walk away before we open our eyes fully
Leaving us chilled”

“When you succeed you can dream something else and set for another journey”

“Dreams can always have a tint of reality if you truly believe them”

“Why, many of our dreams remain unfulfilled?
Are some of them been reserved by fate for next birth? 🦋🦋.
Perhaps some of our good happenings now were dreams of previous birth”

“Good dreams always lead us to destination and we should never delay when dreams wake us from deep sleeps”

“When you came to me
My dreams & life returned back to me”
“Want to see dreams which make eyes fall asleep
Want a night where I can fall asleep in those dreams🦋🦋😴😴💕✨”
“When you dream with confidence,
Your upcoming dreams are more clear
Bringing you more close to reality
Much easier”
“Dreams add colours to your imaginations
Later add wings to fly….
So start dreaming today
To transform your imaginations into reality💕💕🤗💫”
“It’s often lucky to live in some beautiful dreams for a few moments for those who know it well, their dreams have been never colourful and ambitions have never changed to reality”
“Living in dreams of someone else” 
Do dreams also have glimpses of reality?”
“Our biggest dreams and desires are our biggest secrets🦋💕”
Some dreams sleep inside us forever, unless triggered by someone or some incident”
“Faith can put me in another world where I can see my dreams so close. I don’t want to return to that miserable world without them, a space where my dreams are not alive. And there is a huge difference in both these worlds, just like day & night and two sides of same coin.”
“Some people leave behind their dreams for earning
While some others earn for pursing their dreams in future…
Both can give you pain at some point of time if balance is not made between the two”
“You can resume your dreams next night and continue dreaming till you accomplish 😀🦋”
“Good dreams always give us a new reason to live, fight for it and win finally. So keep dreaming”
“Many dreams are so easy to achieve…
But we hesitate to believe so
And never strive for it😐
Remove that block from mind
And set go to purchase your dreams at any cost🤗💫❤️❤️”
“Some dreams hide in depths like pearls in ocean. They just travel far away from us, maintaining distance & such dreams are always fantasies.”
“Have I started dreaming again?”
Dreams are needed only for living, not for dying”
I don’t want to return to that space where my dreams are not alive”
It’s better to live in the dream world of illusions which gives happiness rather than struggling hard in the darkness of reality”
“Unborn dreams💫✨
Which die in the eyes of someone❣️💔

Misty yesterdays mostly have a dreamy effect”

Dreams can also change to reality
Though not all, at least a few”

When you shifted my place from reality to dream world, I became your stranger forever”

All love stories are not incomplete
All dreams are not fulfilled
All nights are not black
And all hearts don’t need love”
Sometimes you take a long route to travel through the world of illusion,
It becomes uneasy to cover the distance between illusion and reality”
When dawn was getting ready to wish the parting night
As an uninvited guest you peeped into my sleep,
Oh! My beautiful dream!
Why you came as a morning mist,
Chilled me for few moments & vanished forever?💜
Today, I am sitting alone,
Reminiscing that evening you parted,
Counting those painful moments which I bought
Counting those parting moments till present
Along with those sorrows I don’t want to let go💜”
“I dream about repetitions🦋
And the temporary happiness of beautiful nightfalls
To come near me for a few moments to stay
Yes, I just wish!!
Also the lost beat of heart,
Its music and rhythm
Yes, for just one moment to stay😌🥺
“In the cloud drops dissolving in soil
How can you search the meaning of your faded dream?”

“Can dreams seen for someone be finished through someone else?🦋💫”

“When you approach me as a truth (reality)

Dwells in my nest, thousands of truths💕
But when you fade away as a dream
My dreams also disappear, following you🔥”
My hopes leaving me one after one
My dreams leaving me thousands in a row🦋”
One moment of darkness is enough
To snatch away lifelong rays of light
But just one ray of hope is sufficient
To bring back your dreams alive”
“Some dreams slowly settle in silence”
“Life without dreams is like an empty planet🦋🦋♾♾”
“Sometimes… I know….my dreams cross limits –
And tempt to touch boundaries
But, yes, I will survive somehow
Because I don’t want those dreams anymore🍁😤
I have added new colours to my dreams and rainbow🦋🌈♾”
Some people with big lost dreams, sometimes see very big dreams too🦋🦋♾♾”
I don’t know why my dreams are always snatched away at hand-short distance, when I virtually touch them!!”
“Last sleep forever💕
Free of dreams, happiness, pains and agonies”
“It has stopped raining in my dreams”
To loss the most beautiful dream is the weirdest dream ever”
Sometimes life gives you the most beautiful dreams at the least hour when you expect and they never enter into the world of reality #Illusions”
“Whole words in the universe can’t tell how much I am suffering in this illusion since long”
“Don’t ever forget,
Even while you are busy assembling your shattered dreams and hopes to rebuild yourself
Some others are busy weaving new dreams in their own worlds”
“What fate offers as replacements for irreplaceable losses
Are often colourful illusions, which you can never get hold of”
“In an attempt to give new life to those aimless dreams which slipped into sleep unknowingly 🦋♾”
“I should die when I am alive in a beautiful dream🦋🌈💫”
“There are many people who pretend not to see –
Their budding dreams and desires🌹🦋
And simply walk away.
They simply remain blind folded even while –
Even while those dreams blossom and shed
They are helpless to give water and fertilizers🚶‍♀️😕”
“A part of that beautiful dream will always stay with me
And wait for you forever💫🦋”

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