Heart Strings – Part 6

“Far or near, irrespective of the worlds
Souls meant to meet will meet someday💫✨
Sometimes at the most unexpected time,
When you had some other future plans made
Yet everything will be changed forever,
You will never be yours,
Someone will claim your heart
And soul forever♥️♥️”
“I made up of 1000 parts
Each part holds a tint of you,
Which makes me feel alive
Even when I feel dead inside
In every cell which makes me;
Yet missing the most important part inside me
Which fully constitutes of you
And even all those 1000 parts
Can never fill that void space”
“Missed you many times in your presence
Felt your presence in many absent moments of yours too
Sometimes it feels very strange
Sometimes feel empty in heart
Sometimes mind is full of stars
And most times thoughts
Full of you 💫✨❤️”
“You fill my empty spaces
Like no one did before”
“All my thoughts lead towards you”
“If I count the number of days
When I forget to cry, in your magical presence
It will be like these uncountable waves
Trying to reach the shore of vast sea blues”
“Some nights are centuries old
Some even born to tell thousand tales in a single word💫✨♥️”
“Some names become fonder to us long before we meet them”
“Can I know the reason of your smile?”
“My heart is always beside you
It beats faster too
Have you ever listened?”
“Many times my words never reached my pen tip
In fear, you are too close to me,
As close as to read my heartbeats through my words
When my heart is at brim,
And I used to postpone those writings later
In hope you will never catch my feelings💫🌪️💓”
~Feeling Presence 🦋🦋🌪️
“True love never requires any kind of proof
It’s true, more people love to see broken hearts
& Shattered nests,
& Smile inside seeing people in pain.
Sometimes I feel it’s nothing wrong to prove to them
Yet sometimes I feel too,
Let them smile for the delusion
They love to believe than reality”
“Someone who you won by a battle
Don’t lose/leave her with your silence”
“Only you search the meaning of my silences”
“How much I love you
Sky is the limit💙”
“Feel the love through my words”
“I often pretend to walk away from you”
“Sleep and dream within my eyes
I shall make a cradle for you.
As the lullaby of yours🎼🎼
Let me sleep near to you,
And dream along with you🦋🦋”
“To breach shores of your heart
I shall turn a wave
To pour your silent love in words
You shall rain deep inside my soul”
“How can you put conditions in love??”
“Love is a full surrender of oneself, not a little, but given full. Nothing in between”
“I love the different shades of you
Give you different shades of my colourful rainbow too
Now also infinite shades left
Only for you🌈♥️”
“When you left,
Didn’t say a single word.
But without words,
Told me in thousand words and ways,
You are with me to stay forever”
“With or without words,
Our conversation will go on”
“When you can’t express your love, it turns highly intense as time grows🤍🖤🌪️”
“Love was written all over the lines
Though those lines meant different”
“Love and pamper me like a kid.
No one else can do it better”
“Weird is our love story.
Very hard for others to understand”
“Some moments where a thousand stories are born in a single word♾✨♥️
Some moments where a thousand stories are told in a single word💫🌪️”
“When you walked away silently
I was fighting all alone –
With my own infinite inner wars,
And then added one more,
It’s you.
Now I am confused
Which battles am I really dealing with,
For me, for you
Or those ones against we both”
“You keep telling lies
And I pretend every time,
I believed you
And we both are well aware
What we are doing😅
Our love language✨💫♥️😉”
“My heart beats are reading yours….”
“There is a comfortable level of silence between us sometimes”
“When you transformed from one shade to another
I got closer to a new version of you
Started liking every version of yours
Accepted you for whatever you are
Yet I missed you every time,
I searched you every time,
And all those lost pieces
Where I found me in you every time”
“Colours turn deeper for unexpressed love❣️❣️”
“Silence is our love language
So deep as oceans with water currents
But looks calm from outside.
Sometimes it makes us happy
Sometimes sad
Sometimes communicate a lot
While sometimes puts in maze as well”
“It was the unsaid words that told more than the spoken words”
“When heart silently listens, no one hears, not even our own heartbeats & heart pretends heard nothing. Many times it’s falsely interpreted. Yet it never stops listening & keeps melting, just like slowly melting rocks on seashore to sand particles, listening to the tear-soaked stories of waves”
“Sometimes words break us,
Sometimes silence……”
“If you don’t water my blue gardens…💜💜
I will set fire to all lavender blossoms🧨🔥😱”
“When you truly love someone,
You take care of people associated with them also”
“Real love is protection
Real love is safeguarding”
“For a few, we give up our won battles; we miss opportunities, we act we believed every word, we act we didn’t catch lies, we act we didn’t pick hints, just to see the smile on their faces, to smile seeing they won”
“It’s the strength of your love which gives me the power to withstand all the pains you give me”
“Now knowing your heart pains as mine,
And feeling your heart beats so close,
I wish to touch its ocean blue depths🌊
Wishing for that moment when
Silences no longer exist between us
And we no longer forced to imagine
Or interpret things as we feel✨💫🌪️♥️”
“Sometimes we need to look deep inside the roaring waves of thoughts to see how calmly love is flowing beneath”
“You stay with me in every moment I breath,
You stay with me in every moment I think”
“I understood what you told
But I can’t explain
Because words can’t fully connect
What I want to say”
“You are not here, that’s something I fear
And I know that my heart is stuck here
We can’t stay forever this way,
But yes,
You are safe in my heart ALWAYS” #Inspired
“It was quite a strange moment
When you joined my heart beats, 🎶🎶
So unexpected.
I lost everything
I lost myself in craziness
And our story, only we both know
Never a third person
And it’s not possible
To make anyone understand too”
“If you can’t understand me,
It doesn’t matter someone else understands me or not”
“Some memories hold the same charm like you”
“To tell the truth,
It’s the heart who desires always.
But he always put blame on poor eye saying
It’s eye who saw and desired”
“More than words, it’s about feelings which bind our hearts 💞”
“Silently you have gone far away from me
To find new destinations.
But a part of you stayed inside me,
Refused to leave.
Your memories still sparkle inside me
Every moment I breath,
Like those twinkling stars,
Taking me to the valley of death slowly”
“I miss all those magical moments which made us what we are, when we were together💫✨”
“Can you decode your deep blue shades in my broken pieces?”
“Every relationship has a love language
That can never be understood by a third,
However hard you try to explain.
Some are expected to ask more
While some others to remain silent.
Some are expected to afford lies
While some others only to speak truth.
It’s something mutually known”
“If you truly love someone, you will find at least one stupid reason to keep them with you”
“You are simply magic…✨💫
Heart beats will be born
In your presence,
Even in those
Born without a heart💓🌪️”
“Someone who truly loves you
Will take care of both your skies
When it is shining with a bright sun
Or when it frown with dark clouds;
Will take care of your dark skies
When it’s filled with stars & full moon
Or during eclipses when sorrows touch you deep;
Someone who take care of –
Your mental health always”
“As long as I remain in your dreams,
I don’t care I get lost somewhere else”
“Visited my lavender garden & plucked flowers? 💜💜💜💫
I may pluck and sell them to some flower shop💜💜🤨😂”
“You stay permanent
In each and every drop of mine.
You settle in every thoughts of mine.
When you made a permanent nest inside me,
I granted it even before asking
And only when I feel you inside,
I feel alive, I feel home”
“If two hearts have made a mutual agreement, a third person should never question it”

“Nishagandhi closes her eyes for a while, in the arms of moonlight”

“More than the words we exchanged through talks,
It’s some untold emotions we exchanged,
Which worked in our favour💞💫
Many times untold words are honest than spoken ones🌪️💫💓”
“When pressure started building between us
During those days in silence,
When silence became
The last word of two noisy hearts, so loud
A lot was told without words from both ends
Which whole words always –
Failed to convey till then”
“Magic lies in the moments we share together
Without words, but full of loud voices,
No one else ever know…”
“To read you without your knowledge
To understand you without annoying you
To find you without letting you know
To ponder your thoughts even in your presence
Is an art I mastered –
Long before you started knowing me✨💫”
“If you had not left me at that point of time when I was slowly healing from my past wounds,
I would have never messed up so many things, which were not important to me till that point of time;
Would have never brought wrong people to my life
Who pulled me more down from where I was standing till then”
“Even if without words,
It’s enough if you stay with me
Even if in slow pace,
It’s enough if you walk with me
When I gasp & stop,
It’s enough if you lend your hand
And slowly make me walk my way
If ever I am at lose of words,
It’s enough you console with your eyes
I don’t need anything else….
Except an assurance,
You will stay with me
Till my last breath leaves me forever”
“Simply because I am close to you,
Some close ones
Distanced me forever
And kept me at distance”
“The deepest conversations are always without words…..”
“The deepest conversations are always the unsaid ones…”
“You, me and our exchange of words✨🌪️☔️☂️
“Some people deeply touch our lives and souls,
Not when we are enjoying the beautiful days of life,
But while going through deepest storms, totally wrecked
And find them as another version of ourselves.
In short,
Painful days bring people more closer than happy ones”
“I broke down in front of you many times,
Completely shattered.
But you never lend your hand anytime”
“Moon light and unforgettable long chats💫✨♥️”
“Some nights and long chats are just unforgettable.
Year passes by, bringing those memories back
Bringing everything in front of eyes in flashes,
And heart once again yearns for such moments in repeated mode”
“I was to wrap my life in a short span
When you came like an everlasting spring🌈🦋
Lived for you for a while
Started living for myself
When I realized,
I have to care your heart inside mine”
“When you stay away from me
I miss everyone, even me
When you stay with me
I miss no one
And find myself every time”
“My happy moments are thoughts about you”
“We got caught somewhere in between
The words and silences we exchanged
And those we kept to ourselves too”
“Whenever you can’t find me
Search me inside your eyes
I might be sleeping there,
Swinging in the moon cradle,
In the midst of stars,
Listening to your lullaby,
Dreaming about you🦋🎶
I have reserved an untold story for you
To make you listen
The day you come in search of me”
“Even on my new moon nights
I kept shining for you,
You only
In our virtual skies –
Where we met again after eras.
Have you ever noticed?”
“Once upon a time I had a beautiful dream”
“Moon is already there for me🌗
That’s why I am more fascinated with starry night💫✨”
“What they failed to tell is
There is much beyond skin attraction
Attraction of souls,
Attraction of hearts
And how souls understand each other.💞✨💫
Eyes will see only what
They want to see
Mouth filters all those
They don’t want to tell”
“If I am only your second choice,
Or only a temporary destination,
I don’t want to hear it from a third person
But from you only🌪️💫♥️
Some words can really break our heart into thousand pieces, even if we are 100% sure, it’s untrue💯”

“Simply believing a third person’s words, if you disbelieve/disown your love, it means your love was not strong. If you truly love someone, you will protect your love at any cost, even fight with whole world. You maybe mocked saying you responded as you are insecure. But never step back because it’s your honour”

“I fix stars in my skies only for you💫✨
Sometimes my beating heart too❤️
Hope you notice it every time”
“I hide you in my darkest thoughts,
And you hide me in your darkest shades
That’s our love equation all about,
Our intense passion of black, night
And everything close to it”
“Your happiness makes me smile most
And your sadness, which make me worry most
Stay happy
I shall smile always”
“I wish my love tale is also beautiful
And is colourful as rainbow🌈🌈
But its end points have no borders
It’s deep as ocean blues
But deep enough to drown me🌊
Its dark shades are as beautiful as night
But always in invisible mode🌃
It’s vibrant as peacock feathers
But not adorning Krishna’s hair🦚🦚”
“Simply because I am close to you,
Some close ones
Distanced me forever
And kept me at distance”
“Like moon growing from new moon to full moon
Her love has only grown intense,
Like intense colours of sunset
As each day passes by,
As each night passes by”
“I want a space free of your memories
Fill them with moments please😉😉”

“Share your stories with only those who care your emotions”

“Tears inked in love”
“We both found each other
In the darkest of dark shades,
Which we both share…
In the dark nights, stars & moon
Even dark ocean waves.
I always hide you in my darkest thoughts,
&Write your name in the darkest clouds
Because they pour down quicker,
& I hope they reach me faster”
“How will you let me know😐💜💫🎶?
Give me some silent sign👀🎶🎶”

“You read much more than I actually think”

“Your thoughts add beauty to my words
And my feelings add intensity to the ink”
“You belong to which colour of my multi-shaded rainbow?
I always hide you as the deepest red.
The colour of madness and blood
The colour of love and war🌹🌹
Red is the last colour to dissolve from the rainbow🌈
And how to define the beauty of ruby!!”
“For those flown away birds to return back,
How long should I wait?
For those disappeared night falls to take rebirth,
How many twilights are still to arrive?”
“How can you see all my stress & worries,
And all those running tears
Which my heart always hides from you
Because it’s only those moments when I feel you,
And when you show your love
In your own unique ways,
I smile most
And feel myself special
Even in my eyes♥️💫♾ “
“If asked, do you want to talk,
Answer is ‘Yes’
If asked, how much you want to talk,
Answer is ‘A hill heap’
If asked, what you want to talk,
Answer is ‘Nothing’”
“I sprinkled your infinite shades in all my broken rainbows🌈🌈
I dissolved your silences in all my deep blue oceans💦
My deep melodies are filled with only your melodious tunes🎶🎶
And you fill all dark skies of my starry nights💫✨💥❤️”
“Your smile from heart cools me most
Your tears put me in deep distress
Stay happy to make me smile
Groom slowly & heal yourself
I care you even in deep silence
I bind you with my broken parts
I have sent my soul to stay with u long back
Even this distance can never hold us apart”
“Still in wait of the sunset poem
You promised to write for me🌇”
“It’s painful when someone tries to make you believe, you are only a second choice, even while heart hesitates to settle with it. Sometimes such words from someone who you considered close, can break your heart much beyond you think, even when your heart knows the truth”
“Moon is not the same everyday
It creates different versions every time
And makes you miss each of them equally
As it transforms from one form to another”
“Never let anyone say, you are a second choice
By giving them permission to cross your boundaries”
“Safe in my arms
Safe in my heart….
“Vibes of silences can also be very strong
Just like vibes of louder words can turn weak”
“Perhaps we both may appear together in another story to recreate ourselves again….”
“Blue valleys are still there💜💜💜💜♥️🌪️
Have you stopped visiting?”
“We both exist and live as different characters in different stories at the same time, yet pretend we know nothing about the other characters”
“Do you think I will let you go when
You form a part of my starry nights?
Either bright as smiling stars
Or gloomy as those monsoon clouds,
You always exist in my embraces
As a part of me,
As the life breath of mine,

“From where did you learn the art of dissolving words in silence always?”

“I know,
Yet it feels nice if you say it👀💫✨”
“Best moments can never be captured with camera eyes
Because they are felt with heart, not seen through eyes”
“You guard my summers
My new moon nights too
When I travel between different seasons,
Showing a different me
Which even I can’t understand,
You shade me like an umbrella”
“You claimed my heart long back❤️❤️
Before many eras were born✨💫
Only a few stars were left for you to pick💥💥
On the path which guides you towards me🌪️🤗”
“Though I shared with you
All the seven colours of my rainbow,
What left is infinite shades of both of us,
Which we both share together”
“Touched me as a beating storm
When I was drifting towards the valley of death
Changed my path forever in a moment or two
And travels with me, leading towards sunshine”
“A part of that beautiful dream will always stay with me
And wait for you forever💫🦋”
“365 days sometimes pass like 365 moments
365 days sometimes pass like 365 eras too
Only what matters is,
If you are happy with those passing moments”
“That full moon night for the first time
When you came smiling in the pretext as a stranger 💫✨
I was stuck as if we knew before.
Days have passed
Years have passed
Still I am stuck in that full moon night
Thinking about those moments
In hope,
You return in the pretext of a stranger”
“Many emotions can’t be penned in words
Many emotions can’t be told through words
Many emotions get diluted through words
Better, keep them as they are….
“You stay in all my broken parts-
Which made me who I am.
You add fire to all those frozen parts
Which I never imagined would come alive.
Sometimes healing is by adding fire
Sometimes healing is by cooling
You are both my sun & moon
And all the stars which stay in between them”
“Come into my arms every night🤗
Glow as my brightest star💫
When I get lost in my thoughts
Or loss my path sometimes
Just come as a breeze, touch me&go.
Even when words get lost,
Comfort me as a song every night
Because it extends my life one more day
& Brings you closer to me💞🌪️”
“You intensified my night shades
In many folds,
Adding new shades and meanings
To my visible spectrum”
“I love you
Both when you are full
And when you are waning 😍😍”
“Love is hidden in the simple things we do,
The little time we take to care
When you try to find it in big things you expect,
Your eyes fail to notice it🍁🍁”
“When emotions are at peak, even silences can make you cry. Vibes of silences are also strong🌪️🌪️✨✨”
“Infinite rains we drenched together🌨️♾
Rains of words
Rains of silences
Rains of moonlights
Rains of rainbows🌈🦋
Rains of feelings & emotions, told & untold💫💕
How many rains have gone without soaking we two
Untold stories, Silent tears
& Puzzles left midway
How many rains are waiting for us
To drench together in our own world
“When I turn all pages of my heart
I find your name everywhere
In each and every page.
Inked in lines….
Hidden in poems…
Copied from hot breaths…
And also a few synonyms
Only I can identify.
And all names are mine
All names are same”
“You collected a few words from
All chapters of my untold story book
A very few lines, a few shades
And made a paper boat for me
To sail⛵️
To sail in the deep oceans without fear
Beneath the skies, clouds and stars,
A journey I never dared to begin⛵️⛵️”
“I just went for a sail in the depths of your blue eyes for a while⛵️
But you closed your eyes and captured me forever🌪️”
“Sometimes we decode a lot which we prefer to keep to ourselves
And act numb”
“My heart saturated with different shades of love🌈🦋
Its fragrance spreads like different shades of rainbow🌈🌸
Some are mild shades,
While some others are intense
Some are defined
While some others don’t”
“In most cases people fight battles all alone because hardly we meet people sharing same story, feelings, emotions & losses. You are really lucky, if you find someone sharing similar story, striking the right chord with you & together you heal from past, vibe together & moving to positive heights. Most interestingly, there are many broken parts of ourselves, even unknown to us, in search of healing, & someday unexpectedly some stranger find path to those cracks, because both of them are travelling in same waters, in search of common shore, some answers without questions. We find both answers & questions in the other person, which not even we are aware of, each other giving helping hand, who we can call our true friend😇 You can try hard, use any methods, yet…

Unless we share the same story

No one understands our plight.

That’s the truth🌪️


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