Philosophical Quotes – Part 2

Sometimes centuries travel in between two moments, and a moment can change everything💫”

“At dusk, birds cross horizon to reach their nests. In fact, they are leaving us & our eyes. Though they may not share a bond, not even touch us, they surely stay in our vicinity at daytime till time settles. Then comes anticipation of a dawn for return, just hoping they are not migrating birds”

Sometimes we need to create a false story to move on”

“Sometimes we sail two boats together as much as we can, when mind is confused to make a choice.
Yes, it’s temporary, mind has accepted it already. Yet it sighs in relief, I haven’t lost it till now. Let me hold those moments together a little bit more⛵️⛵️”
“Waiting for death is better than waiting for people, because it’s sure, death will definitely come one day, today or tomorrow.”
“There are many people who bury all their dreams and desires thinking, I don’t deserve. Maybe unpleasant experiences from past force them to think so. Even if they intensely desire something, they will be confused to proceed or leave it”
“Some people die with their costumes on,
Which they put once for a single act.
Though they want to remove those fake costumes at least once,
They never get an opportunity. Helpless souls!!!!”
Many people silently fight their wars all alone”
“Closed doors are more comfortable than half opened ones”
“No one/nothing is replaceable, but can start from the seizing point to become a continuation story🌈💕🤗”
“Bad experiences make some people violent
They may protest over anything, turn harsh too
Bad experiences can make you calmer too
But your sorrows and tears slowly get condensed”
“Is it easy to recognize sorrows as dark clouds before the silver linings? Expectations have reached that extend that I’ve termed them as curses”
“Bitter truths are better than sweet lies”
“Each one carry an unknown side to everyone, familiar to others.
You mostly show what you feel is comfortable to each of them”
“How long will it take for letters on pages, written in the brightest ink to fade? Just a moment💫🌪️💜
Life is momentary”
“It’s just a myth, others will understand you”
“Some journeys never have a return,
But they take new turns
And move towards new worlds.
Perhaps you don’t want to return too!!”

“Life experiences impart ideas more than reading”

“Some short journeys can take your life to another destination, a place not even in weird dreams. Totally new and strange”

“Some people read our minds much better than we can,
Giving us big surprises 💫🤗🌈”
Moments and big happenings of life are always spontaneous, both happy and sad”
“Most times it’s a blessing…..
What our mind say, others can’t fully read”
“Storm is calm when you have witnessed so many storms in life”
Sometimes real truth can reveal many more things than you actually want to. Sometimes it can totally change equations of existing relations. It’s up to you to decide, you can accept those changes or not!!”
“Don’t stomp on the fallen flower and justify it”
Master Painter paints colourful layers one above another in the big canvas of life, diminishing a few and giving new life to few. All is HIS decision to choose. We are simply like chessmen in the chessboard, who can never make choices or decide moves of our own”
The most silly questions
Trouble us most”
“Some books go unread,
Some people too”
“Sometimes you give your full, yet don’t get at least half back. At least you won’t regret, because you gave wholeheartedly and did whatever you can do from your side. It’s also a form of happiness and satisfaction. Do you know?”
“Most times, even after listening our story, only a very few understand, because not every one listen with heart”
“Answers to some humiliations
We need to silently wait
Till time takes us
To the place we want.
Till then,
Wait patiently”
“When you sink in despair, whatever you get in hand, even a vine, you will hold it. When you think all is over, when the darkness creeps in, anything that brings a little comfort, even an uncertain word, is a lifesaver. Even when the mind admits it is not, it is enough for a temporary relief”
“End point is not the end
It’s a new beginning”
“Wandering behind a shadow
Before turning into one,
Look back once again
Before light is gone!
A dying day is ahead”
“Sometimes we lie to others to give them a temporary relief, right?
So, it’s not wrong always😒🥺”
“To add a few chapters,
Some dead stories do reincarnate.
Some may move forward
Giving a surprising climax,
While some fade away
Without any twists”
“It’s easy to fight with truths and win,
Because everything is transparent.
But very much difficult to fight with lies,
Because it keeps changing every moment”
“Truths are static and lies are variables
So it’s very much difficult to fight with lies,
They keep changing”
“There is a saying,
At the end of any tunnel
You find the light.
But what if the tunnel is longer?
It may take time for the light to get there
Sometimes the light itself can forget the way.
Until then,
If time is with you
You are lucky.
“There are some things in this world that can’t be found or known, whether they are lost or not. A feeling like stuck in an endless corridor. That includes death too”
“If you give dreams to someone’s eyes,
Never give a nightfall😐🥺”
“Most people giving negative remarks about your intuitions without solid points and simply confusing you, could be those who never want to see something happening good to you. Jealously could be one reason. Trust your intuitions first.”
“Bhakti is the ultimate state of love, the extreme point. Getting there is not easy.”
“It’s difficult to trap people in temptations,
Those who have gave up their desires”
Compromises NEVER make you happy. But it simply extends your life. Give one solution to forget the past & accept the reality, which you can never change. Yes, though bitter. It can definitely change your way of thinking in a better way for future and keep you less worrying about problems”
“Faith & loyalty forms the basement of every relation.
They drive the relation too.
If that thread is broken
Even the hearts so close can drift apart”
“Fellow travelers,
Some those accompany you from the beginning point
And a few those who you meet along the way
Often leave you without saying a word
Some, without feeling the need to say
Some, without feeling the need to stay
And some with both
Fortunate are you
If you meet again at another junction”
“Try to remember past
At least in some occasions
Not to forget the path you came from
Not to forget some ‘faces’….
To not make same mistakes again”
“Candle can guide you, candle can burn you too”
It’s better we know less of each other in this strange world😉”
“Some journeys are more beautiful than destination
We can’t even predict, At which junction
Some beautiful people join us for a while
And turn wayside views memorable than destination”
“Mistakes are ok….it happens
From your side or from your dear ones.
But once you spot them,
Never justify, even if it’s yours”
“There is nothing for a lifetime.
There are only moments and memories”
“When you enter the frozen phase,
It takes a long time to realize.
Maybe a few tears would drop then”
“Many of the beautiful moments we are experiencing now might have been experienced and forgotten in the past. Along with it, the sufferings of forgotten experiences can also come back again by chance. After recollecting the forgotten happy moments, we may go through the sadness along with its happiness”
“Context may be different,
But some emotions experienced twice can be same.”
“There is nothing for a lifetime in our timeline
They keep changing,
Moments and memories🔥”
“Do remain true to yourself
You need not show off what you are don’t
Your fake identity will be exposed some day.
This world is already overflowing with fakes”

“We may know a handful of truths from the vast ocean of reality. As time passes by, it starts falling drop by drop from the palm till it reaches zero, then it’s filled again, and the process continues”

“When someone opens a new world before us, we try to see it through that person’s eyes. We loss many good sights and truths in that. Seeing through others’ eyes is good, but we should not turn blind too.”
“The right pieces will find the right spaces at the right time🔥”
#21Gms #Copied
Always check for the most least possibilities to happen, because it’s that point where our heart takes control over brain and put a blind shield in front of eyes to distract us from truth”
“When you have decided,
You don’t want a particular person in your life,
You stop caring about that person’s feelings & emotions
Until they leave your life.
Nothing really affects you after that.
Strange, but true”

“People mostly give opinions rather than lending helping hand, while seeing someone drowning.”

“Sometimes returning to the source is not sufficient to get back to yourself. Many things might have changed in between, along with time, while you have been on another journey, even the source. Determinants are many.”
“There comes many moments in life, where we have to make a choice – To choose or not. Sometimes, your remaining journey fully depends on this single decision”
“If books teach you more than experiences,
I would say,
You are a lucky fellow”
“Sometimes we may wander through thousands of wrong and unnecessary paths before we reach the right one🔥🔥”
We not even fully control our thoughts. Then how can we control the same of someone else?”

“Repetitions do happen in life in a pattern, so unexpected, giving you exact the same happiness and same traumas, thus experiencing everything more than once in the same pattern or order of events”

“Some wrong decisions are irreversible!!
Whole world can’t bring you back
To where you were before”
“Do what your heart says right
To satisfy someone if you step into wrong path,
Or do something wrong
You are lost forever.
I only convince god, no one else”
You are safe as long as your secrets are with you only”
“Sail with emotions, not against
If you want to get over something”

“When nothing left in life, if you can make someone smile without expecting anything in return, it’s one of the best happenings of life”

“The moment till I set it free without any expectations, I was OK and relaxed….
But when I made it a part of my heart and tried to own it, it made my heart into parts💕💕💔
Each and everything of this world is like this.
Never try to own anything or try to keep it to yourself😌💔
Just set everything free…..
Mind, dreams and everything🎈🎈”
The more you show your weakness, More you will be exploited”
“Smiling faces of people seeing me failing, defeats me more than the real failure. It’s more scary!!!”
Some incidences can change you as a person totally”
Sometimes there is only a thin layer between truth and lies and we are forced to live in that thin layer of illusion”
“Not everyone is mentally strong as appears to be. Just they learn not to show their weakness before others. Experiences teach them and give the energy too”
Each and every person live in his own illusions”
“Never underestimate even a single moment
A moment can change everything,
Literally everything”
“When you lie to someone, never underestimate the depth of knowledge of that person in that subject. Never measure IQ of every person with same measuring object😂”
“Accepting one’s own identity with its faults, is another definition of self respect too. While flying behind shadows created by others don’t forget it..”
A heart which has survived a lot of avoidance & negligence can only stay away from ignoring others because they have gone through the same trauma many number of times”

“Most times, as we are unaware of people’s struggles around us, we can’t help them. But when god shows you someone’s sufferings & gives you an opportunity to help them, be a little kind & soft to them. Perhaps that’s the only thing they want at that time. Never use this opportunity to trigger their pains”

“Death is a beautiful bride with white veils”
“Is it possible to see shadow of death in our own eyes, before it actually happens?”
“She was not sure, the extended life of a few years, can it bring some surprise packages to her life, or is it only an extension of ‘death sentence’.”
“Sometimes we expect from us…..
Sometimes we expect from others too🙂🙃”
“All wars never bring peace, even if won
Violence never brings happiness
Yet some battles are to be fought
When it’s the conflict between sins and virtues”
“To build someone,
Build him with single pebble and stones,
Spending time and taking care,
Not by breaking him in a moment,
And trying to re-establish in hurry”
“Many moving objects appearing blur at distance,
May be mistaken as coming near.
In reality, they might be going far away
Every moment, we calculate they are coming near”
“You may get many people around you to listen
But only a few genuinely make an attempt to bring a positive change in you”
“Words and truth never die
Even after ages”
“There is one thing common in true love & true devotion for a religion. You can’t simply change love or belief, when your expectations are not fulfilled. If you are able to do, it was never true love or devotion. We simply love someone or follow a belief. No need to validate it”
“Late springs
Like autumn colors
Will fall off soon
After shedding a thousand shades🍁🌈”
“Some people deeply touch our lives and souls,
Not when we are enjoying the beautiful days of life,
But while going through deepest storms, totally wrecked
And find them as another version of ourselves.
In short,
Painful days bring people more closer than happy ones”
“The deepest woods wear the darkest sunlight
The saddest people wear the brightest smile :):”
“Lotus leaves can’t hold water drops falling on it.
Same way,
Even if we try hard,
We can’t hold a few people”
“When you earn something through wrong path,
The happiness associated with it is momentary
A wave can bring you a precious pearl from sea depths
At the same time
The next wave can snatch it away from you too🤗🤗”
“Both happiness and sorrows
We lose excitement after a certain limit.
Turn ordinary things,
Just boring and repetitions”
“Whatever good intentions you might have
You will get at least a few to prove you wrong”
“Lately I realized,
Not everyone is happy with your happiness
They simply don’t show it open.
You are lucky if you find at least a few genuine people
Who sincerely laugh with you, with open heart”
Sometimes returning to the source is not sufficient to get back to yourself. Many things might have changed in between, along with time, while you have been on another journey, even the source. Determinants are many.”
“A few things are easy for some people
For some others… some people”
“Unless we share the same story
No one understands our plight. Right?”
“There are many precious things time takes away from us, just like a wave, where we can only stay at shore watching. Many waves may return to the same shore, even while we are standing there. Yet, a few things which those waves carried away, none of the waves coming back can return”
“Just one person is needed to lead you to heaven
Or show you the doorway to hell”
“Many times our questions are never answered. We simply leave silently💜🍁🌪️”
“Clouds can hide moon for a short period only; even boast for their temporary success. But they never know how powerful moon is, & where he stands, while clouds form a part of earth’s troposphere only. Moon’s position is much beyond their touch & will definitely come to visibility”
“Sometimes time waits for a single moment or event to repeat, so that it can continue the story, giving you surprises so unexpected.
Sometimes the same story, sometimes with a twist. That wait can be short and be very lengthy too.”
“As we turn mature, we stop convincing others”
“It’s a pleasant thing you know,
To have a small private circle of people
Who are genuinely happy
With our success and happiness”
“Happiness is always a stranger who smiles at you if he is pleased💫
Mostly those smiles are short”
“Nothing will change…. except TIME
Rivers flow the same
Clouds float the same
Sunrises & sunsets all are same
Even the blues of oceans and skies,
Except change of shades for short spells”
“Yes, we can also get up
Yet if we get a strong hand to pull us up,
It takes much less time”
“Thoughts can enter deep forest deprived of light. Then, no paths will be visible. So, keep them in control”
“Candles can light your room, burn you too
Some people too”
“Living among strangers in a very unfamiliar world as a stranger is sometimes a curse, but sometimes a blessing!!”
“People who are living in their comfort zones, advise others most”
“Not all answers which time gives, go in your favour,
Even if you waited long💜😑”
“Many things in life are repetitive
Some people, some moments,
Those forgotten,
Those tried to forget,
Those hurt,
Those healed..
When time brings them back again
Is it for happiness or sadness?
Will it return some lost one?
Will it start writing new sequels?
Only time can answer”
“Be sure of the choice of people with who you share your problems. While going through rough times, you maybe seeking help because your mind maybe confused, broken & people around can deeply influence you both ways. Maybe your decision was better & you will never able to forgive yourself for your stupidity”
“During your bad times,
Not even your dear ones will understand you or stand with you”
“Grey shades are more realistic than white and black, I feel. In any case, like it’s said both Ram & Ravan exist together in all of us”
“Many times we have to hug ourselves. No one else can”.
“We remain the same sometimes, deep inside
Yet our thoughts become distance apart.
Sometimes it covers the infinite distance between
Stars and earth, & we are aware of it”
“When everything can change in a moment,
How can you stick on to things in the past?
Even seasons change,
Even position of stars change,
Even everything around us,
Then why can’t moments and connections?”
“Learning to light a candle is not enough
Learn how to hold it in storm too🕯️🕯️”
“Meanings and extra importance we give to many happening in life,
Are all of them really worth for?”
“While going through hard times, sometimes I feel like, you need to suffer a little more to enjoy the fruit of happiness”
“Time changes people
Change their shades and behaviour too
Sometimes we forget our own shades
When we move on to next,
And it’s possible
We rediscover ourselves at some point of time,
So unexpected”
“Fate always play the most dirty games with those who have no one to stand with”
“Many things die actually before they are born
Many stories,
Many flowers,
Many stars
And even galaxies.”
“Guilt feel can kill you more than anything else in the whole world😇💫💜”
“Behind every big gambling or chess game in life, there will be some hidden faces like epic characters – Shakuni or Mantara. Through invisible hands, they can move chess pieces in the board and turn the whole game in their favour, without even letting others know it”
“It’s only a myth that people who know your sufferings will think, good things should happen to you hereafter. Truth is that most of them will put salt in your wounds, trigger your pains and enjoy to fullest. So be sure if you want to share or not & if it’s the right one or not”
“People do fall down as autumn leaves, especially when no one to gather…. sometimes for moments, sometimes for days, sometimes for years, sometimes for decades, sometimes for a lifetime. Lucky are those who find someone to hold before falling, broken & shattered”
“Wounds given by time….
Small ones will be healed
While fissures leave behind scars even if healed.
They stay as memories.
They stay as wounds.
As long as no one scratches them
They safely reside in some less-noticed corner of your heart ❤️🤗”

“Inner voice is always much stronger than random opinions. Always remember, if someone try to manipulate you with their random opinions & assumptions, they are pretty much sure, you can easily fall prey in their words. Do you want to prove them right?”

“Share your stories with only those who care your emotions”

“Sometimes you have to make yourself believe, you are healed, and then move on. It may be a compromise with life. However, it works in your favor very often”

“How easy is life sometimes!! How difficult it is, to live sometimes!!!!”

“If something bad happens to you/during your bad times, people who love you will fill your mind with positivity saying, it’s just a test given by god & you will overcome it. But your enemy will say, it’s all your karma for your bad deeds, you are facing now. Then what’s the truth?”

“Someone’s illusion can be someone’s reality,
And someone’s reality can be someone’s illusion too”
“It shows how strong are you
When you face people,
From who you have hidden once” #healing
“Many times, we can open our minds to strangers than familiar people🤔😐🤨
Yes, strangers are trusted most occasionally.”
“The dreams and hopes once departed long back can come back with new surprises, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes both. Sometimes it brings new people too, with familiar or unfamiliar faces”
“When you travel alone
You see things clear”
“Explore minds by travelling through eyes”
“It’s possible you can live in an illusion for a lifetime,
Only because you can’t accept the truth
Or you can’t hurt yourself”
“It’s only a myth that, you can start a better life and get a colourful life, once you pursue all your dreams & fulfill it. This moment ahead is the only reality and we can’t predict nothing beyond that. Don’t waste your good days thinking they are yet to come.”
“We can’t hate a few people
We can’t love them too
Heart is simply frozen for them
Deprived of emotions🍁”
“When we free ourselves from things which we hold tight thinking, ‘they belong to ours’, we get mental peace”
“We can’t let go some moments free,
Because we are often destined to travel a unique path”
“Silent faces can deceive you
Though it’s hardly noticed”
“Many people are still standing at the shore
Waiting for someone to start their sail together🥺🥺”
“Start alone….
Even if you reached the horizon of your sunset.
You can’t expect anyone else to join you.
It’s never late”
“People do change their language very often
It becomes difficult to read them always”
“Why frequently we fail to read other people’s mind?”
“When only your life is an orderly manner,
You feel like arranging things at home in a better way”
“In fear, we may show respect to someone
But it’s not true liking or love.
People often mix both saying,
Respect is earned through real liking”
“We are all different islands sailing in the same boat in the same sea under the same universe🚢🚢
Yes, we are different💙”
“Smile very often♥️♥️♥️”

“If taken for granted, people can do with you, whatever they feel. You are obliged to patiently deal with them. If ever you try to react for their wrong doings, you will be blamed & be given a lot of problems.”

“Some storms help us to reach our destination easier than we think. They simply act as catalysts in action”
“There are some journeys where you wish
No one should call you back
Some journeys,
Quite magical like somnambulism💫”
“After travelling through some moments,
There is no turning back
Your world changes totally.
Sometimes such moments are
Simply your thoughts, so intense
But turn into reality soon and later,
Which can leave you surprised and shocked”
“All thoughts are not white. Some have the shades of grey”
“Each moment holds something for everyone💫🔥”
“If you get same kind of love, you give to someone, that’s special. But we have humans have a habit to measure everything, even the love returned. Love is beyond all such statistics. Just leave it and love others as much as you can.”
“After so much anxieties, if your problem is solved so easily, you might think, “then why I worried unnecessarily”. I wish everyone going through such a bad phase should get such a lucky moment when they can ask this question to themselves. Truth is that it’s a positive outcome of all those suffering, a day is rising when all those worries settle in peace”
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