Philosophical Quotes – Part 3

It’s very difficult to find people with connecting emotions
Lucky are you if you find someone like this in your life journey💫💕”
Some people are unknown continent to others, so near but so far”

“Blue has a tint of black though we rarely notice”

“Some truths are never unfolded”

“Money, time ya emotions…. Invest in the right person only”

“If you fill your eyes with tear drops
You will never see the dew drops of rose flower.
Stay happy and smile always💗”
“Some curses are well packed with sprayed perfume,
Not easy to recognize!!
We get smitten with their beauty
And may cherish them forever as good memories,
Though they give only pain & sufferings for a lifetime”
“When everything occurs bad in life, it’s not that easy to accept good things coming the way. Mind goes to previous experiences. It takes a long way, and a bunch of good experiences to make them believe, they too deserve to dream, there could be sunrise in horizon one day”
“It’s not easy to build a castle above the tears of people who love us”
“Strangers can sail you to your destination point,
And disappear forever!!”
“How long can we live in those lost memories?
How long can we expect from those fading sunsets?”
“All roads are not straight
All love experiences too🌹🌹”
“Storms can also serve good
When they trigger you to improve better”
“People coming with advising you, who have never experienced mental traumas you’ve gone through, is one of the worst experiences ever. Neither you’ll manage to make them understand, nor they will manage to accept your stand, why you are here! Most probably you will be framed the wrong, from their perspective”
“It breaks you more when you fall from the hold of someone than falling by yourself”

“Clouds fill the vast skies like thoughts fill human minds. Some are scattered while some others well-drawn pictures, some voids and infinite shades”

“Not just a year,
A season can also change you a lot”
“Seasonal colours always leave with the end of season
They never get time to deepen their shades”
“Hurting and healing – both form parts of life. We can’t wait to completely heal to return back to our journey or to enjoy life. Everything goes side by side. Some people hurt, some others heal. Time moves on and we should never keep waiting💫💕”
Some loss their paths to reach yours, travel for a while together and depart at next junction, teaching you love or giving you a new experience”
“It’s not because –
Their wings are not strong enough
But some birds fail in rising.
When they cut their own wings
To make room for others to fly,
Many times
They never get the same space
Which they give for loved ones
And their wings turn heavy
When bruised by wounds given by them”
“If you sit at sea shore,
Real depths start there, right?⛵️⛵️”
“Negative people can affect you a lot really”
“How hard we try, we can’t snatch love from anyone …even with the unconditional love we give to someone. We can’t even say, that love will be understood, acknowledged or given back. I believe in the luck factor; when it comes to love or any silly matter, our efforts come only after that”
“All sunsets precede sunrises
Even if it’s not the kind of rise you want”
“When our desires are identified or synchronized with the desires of many others, they take wing very quickly. Or we need the strength to fight a world alone. If not, the wings may burn even if they take off with too much efforts”
“Sometimes God fixes you in other skies so that you are insulated to an extent from some kind of grief which you can never survive”
“We often consider ourselves not fast enough. It’s only because we consider relative motion not the real motion. The day we stop comparing with others, we will realize ourselves, how fast we are moving.”

“When you are emotionally weak, you commit blunders”

“Life teaches you more than books”

“(Some) Storms can either build you
Or destroy you forever🌪️🌪️”
If you are not excited in the task, it leads to boredom, today or tomorrow. Most are dissatisfied with career option & though get bored, stick only to it only because of financial constraints & stability. Rarely passion & satisfaction occur together, because only a few take risk & love to experiment.”
Karma or fate? Which one will you choose?”
“Fear of losing prevents us from asking questions”
“We have to come in terms with many things, mind still has not get over it”
“Autumn clouds have many colours
Fallen leaves of autumn too,
Like human minds.
Some shed their past during this season,
Some shed habits
While quite a few…. Relationships🍁”
It’s more easy to hold back truths than lies”
Is death more beautiful than love? Sometimes….. Yes”
“If you don’t know to sail your boat
Someone else will take control of the oar”
“Some journeys, after covering miles
Reach exactly the point where they started,
So unexpected!!”
“Even if too close or too far,
Some sights look absolutely the same
“As the depth increases
Many things get hidden from view!
Even if it is love
Or whatever else!!”
“Some journeys erase the paths traversed…
Even the yesterdays!!”
“Autumn fall of human hearts
Hides inside, different shades
Yellow, Red, Orange
And many more
Not visible to everyone🍁🍁”

“Each one of ours’ fates are fixed in some dates of different years, just like petals of a flower. Dates can repeat, but not years. Events just appear in dates, years may vary”

Burden of truth!!
Truth can set us free as long as we are right
That’s the only reason why culprits always try to hide it”
“We all have a story to tell someone special!
We all have a story to tell no one! :):”
“There are many things in this world that cannot be taken away from anyone or earn by force. We can only ask….That’s all!”
“If you don’t give, you have no right to ask too”
“When little time is left to live,
Why can’t we spare it for love?”
Truth will definitely shine brighter in the darkness of lies!!”
“Many things die actually before they are born💜”
“Some people renew acquaintances like strangers despite being familiar”
“Like flowers of different types,
People are of different shades”
“Acknowledgement adds new colours to any kind of completed task, though it was done without expectations. A single word, a small flower or a sweet smile is enough”
“Happiness is an illusion
A mirage at horizon”

“Sometimes words break our hearts more than truths”

When you say bad about someone, make sure the other person also accept the same way”
“Sometimes fate compensates for some irreplaceable losses and lost colors of life. Yet it never guarantees, you can own those colour shades forever!!”
“Suffering more never brings miracles. You keep suffering for a lifetime, loss response and keep tolerating everything waiting for that miracle some day.”
“Some waits are endless♾♾
They are like semicolons⁉️”
“Diminishing borders in relations
Can make you suffer a lot🔥”
“If there is a shore beyond the waves…… “
“Sometimes long distance is covered in short time
And short distance in long time.
Weird, but true!”
“Like a golden deer,
Happiness lusts you from distance.
More to try to go near,
More far it drifts away!!”
“Some very close distances and some distant intimacies”
“Many things change over time
Many names change over time!!”
“There are a few people who we never talk,
But they stay inside our heart without any reason.
It’s possible, we can talk and lessen the distance.
Yet we never do,
Because their mystery holds a beauty
And we never want to lose it”
“Moon and sun share the same sky at the same time.
Only thing is,
It’s not visible to everyone.
So are a few relations”
“A person is intelligent or not, it’s more significant he learns to live”
“Are there waves without any shore to own?
Are there boundless shores too?”
“People who fill smiles in others’ eyes most,
Their eyes are filled with tears most😒”
“People who turn so serious with silly things may behave too silly with serious things too. They may stay too calm in a serious situation”
“How many faces people hide within a single face!!”
“It’s only your loss if you want to leave”
If you are able to make yourself believe the same when someone leaves you, it’s a kind of self acceptance and self respect too.
“There are certain joys that cannot be fully enjoyed
Strange, but true”
“It’s nothing more irritating than to see people making opinions without knowing anything, and we are trying our best from our side to make them understand the facts🤣🤣”
“Life is a library neatly arranged by heap of books
You can choose your books to read.
Some books you read repeatedly,
While you may never get opportunity-
To open a few books.
The books you choose to read
Determine the way of life you live
Rather than number
Wisely choose books to read”
“Very often, Hearts are
Not at the same distance eyes can see.
Can be too close
Can be far away too”
“Some people’s journeys are meant to taken all alone”
“Life takes some unexpected turn at the most unexpected moment, something unexpected happens in life, changing everything, that we leave behind even the most intense wishes, stop seeking some unanswered question which disturb so long and simply move on to next chapter silently 🍁”
“Never allow anyone to cross their boundaries
And turn your pages.
It can cost you big,
Much more than you can imagine”
“When time changes, no two things remain in same place. Same is the case of relations”
“Whatever you are seeing through your eyes can be an illusion created by someone else too”
“Once in a lifetime
Time allows you to paint your own life
With your favourite shades and colours🌈🦋”
“To communicate with someone with the same vibe,
Someone with a connection
It’s very rare to find,
Keep it”
“Many things can happen without any reason too. Simply we try to find meanings to comfort ourselves”
“You can live your 20s in your 70s
And your 70s in your 20s too
Keep your mind young always
And live carefree”
“Sometimes happiness finds us
Sometimes we need to find it”
“When we do something without expectations,
We will get it back some way🤗🤗”
“Are loses noticed only when we loss something?”
Whatever happens……. First we need to love ourselves”
“Even if you can’t bring sunshine to anyone’s dark nights,
Never ever bring darkness to their setting twilight”
“Keep your love in limit
If you want to survive on this earth”
“No one will take love, given beyond measure🖤🌪️
Just like we can’t take food beyond our hunger “
“A full human life is not enough to cover certain short distances”
“Before you hurt someone, feel.
Before you assume, learn the facts.
Before you speak, think. (copied)
Because doing all these things to someone without proper thinking, learning facts or learning someone’s pain can shatter someone completely, when you process partial thoughts visible to you only”
“Most people hate sympathy. That’s a fact. Also, people are more happy seeing you sad or in bad phase. That’s why people rarely share their sorrows with others.”
“Even if you can’t bring sunshine to anyone’s dark nights,
Never ever bring brightness for short term to their setting twilight”
“Pour your own cup of tea
Decide your own life💯”
How many loved ones simply walk away because they are not called back !!!”
Heaven or hell, We experience in present (tense) only”
“Sufferings break you down further. It never builds you”
“We can keep a bad person with us, but definitely not someone who is not trustworthy”

“Sometimes peace comes with great responsibilities🔥”

“If we can’t find alternatives, no other choice except to do exceptionally well with the given plan”

“You will find thousands of people around you who celebrate your tears
Lucky are you if you find at least a single one you can convert your tears into blossoms and give you back🌸🌸”

“Battles should always be fought with people of equal strength. When people leave wisdom, and merely fight to win, lowering their standards, they no longer remain your contenders. Just leave them.”

“Some acts,
We have to act in repeated mode,
Under the spotlight, wearing masks
And by improving performance every time”
“There are so many lies we make our minds believe, right?”

“The soul of the poet lies in his lines”

“You finally learn to walk alone🙂🙂”

“Keep emotions at bay
If you want to survive”
“We can never find two clouds exactly the same
So are people too!!”
“Know only a very few people
And try to know everything about them”

“Short journeys determine your life most times”

“Very often people are far away from what appear to eyes. Though eyes see them near, hearts are at infinite distance”

“Deeper you go,
Some depths turn shallow”
“Some goodbyes are required”
“Moments can pass like a breeze
Cannot be grasped and held”
“Revenge on your loved ones will never bring happiness, it gives only grieves”
“Anything given half
Will be abandoned halfway.
If you give anything
Give wholeheartedly🌹🌹”
“Every person want different things in life. It’s totally wrong to force someone adhere your passions & desires, which has nothing to do with their lives; also to blame them as wrong if they don’t follow your principles, which you have set upon your attributes and circumstances”

“Many times while going through bad situations for prolonged time, you might think, I should have done this, done that, yet did nothing. Truth is that, you have done something which you felt best for that situation, but it didn’t work. Best thing to do this hour is to make you believe ‘At least I tried’”

“Better we know less about each other in this strange world”
“When prayers do not work in our favour, we wonder if those bitter experiences were tests of god or curses”
“Like a fire gives immense glory to a wick about to go out
Some long lasting grieves can offer you fleeting happiness”
World has turned more practical these days, even in choosing love. Who to blame? Let them make their own choices 😔”
“Some reminiscences from the past
Always follow us, where ever we go
First we need to fight with ourselves
And it’s a kind of self-realization.”
“To face and interact with those who gave you the biggest pains of your life and act as if they didn’t break you, shows your real strength”
“Each goodbye is not a word or thought, but a process”
“Many things which we do or consider serious today, may look stupid or foolish tomorrow”
“We need to turn back once in a while,
While travelling forward”

“It only takes a moment for the oyster to make a heaven in a grain of sand. But the wait for that sometimes takes ages…💙💙”

“Kindness is born from soul”

“All nights are not black”

“Some return journeys are painful
Particularly when you never planned!!!”
“Everything in this universe is temporary, like a bubble. We can’t even predict its durability”
“Heart will float there
Until it refuses to believe the truth”
“Sometimes a very thin layer separates death & life, & we don’t know which side we are. In the destructive path of death sharing with someone we love most, we are not sure if we both are living in two layers separated by death, or breathing together under same skies & sun, & it’s painful, really painful💫”

“It only takes a moment for the oyster to make a heaven in a grain of sand. But this wait takes ages. But if not stayed alert, in a blink of an eye, the coveted pearl falls to the ground like a grain of sand, and whole wait turns futile.”

“Some wasted moments deserve to be given an interesting twist or tale and then, happily let it go.”

“When some journeys end without any meaning
And without any answers for our queries,
Even a return trip becomes just a dream,
If you have travelled too long”
“Some changes may take a long time to notice”
“Some new shoots emerging from sunsets
Preferably they are difficult to burn”
“Like saying, you don’t need a reason to like or love someone,
No reason is needed to hate someone too.
Even if we do a hundred good things for them
They will never be able to love or appreciate us.
If you ask whether you should blame them or not
I don’t have an answer to give😐🍁”
“So many lies we make our minds believe
Solely for temporary happiness”
Not when asked and bought,
But when given with whole heart without asking
Then only we truly own it;
Whatever it is,
Love, care, time or anything else
Which can’t be bought by money”
“Some truths are better left unknown”
“For whatever reason –
Be able to set a deadline;
Even for love
Even for the wait
Even for dreams
For anything.
When that deadline is over
You should be able to restart life from there
Otherwise you will get stuck somewhere
But time will move on”
“Some unexpected journeys and return journeys❣️❣️”
“Sometimes we can’t understand if we are on the last step of failure, which may lead to glory by travelling a little forward, and in hope, we keep travelling the same path without even knowing whether our decision is right or not. The journey may end soon, or continue infinitely”
“Not every question has an answer.
Not every answer is born from a question”
“Not every question deserves an answer
Not everyone too!!”
“Misfortunes can strike you deep
And can occur in repeat mode
If they are deeply connected to your soul”
“Holding someone or something is always difficult than letting go”
“Nothing is static in this dynamic world
You, me or not even these clouds
Which keep changing their shapes and colours,
Every second!!”
“Not every tunnel has an end
Not every suffering has an answer”
“Some seas are too deep to dive into
We will never find the shores”
“Everyone hides their sorrows and pretends to be happy. And then boast that my life is an open book”
“Unless we are able to break the chain of time
We will get entangled in some sort of repetitions.
Learn from past experiences,
Give yourself a positive change and move on”
“How fast can our present live moments transform to our past dead memories!!”
“Some moments fade away in a moment
To come back as rainbow
Yes, we can’t predict
Which moment changes our destiny”
“We try to find answers to some questions so hard, but we will never get. Later we will blame ourselves, held ourselves responsible even if we don’t have no answers, and thus pacify ourselves😇”
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