Do those jumkas suit you? A few tips for wearing jumkas

Ear rings make women more beautiful. Jumkas were quite popular in ancient days. But it has changed to small studs and very often, women prefer to go out without wearing ear rings, to imitate modern girls or boys. Yet girls are many who love to see their reflection in mirror with big and hanging jumkas. Jumka is an exclusive Indian traditional ornament, and it can be made using precious gold or silver or simple fancy types, most preferably less-cost metals or alloys.

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Now jumkas are available in more than 600 varieties and such reformations in size and models have brought that golden age of jumkas back. Jumkas suit best for traditional wear, and you can choose models and colours matching your costume. While choosing a pair of jumkas from a shop have you ever thought, ‘Does it suit my face?’ Now fashionable jumkas attract ladies to them and let me give you a few simple tips that will be useful while choosing a pair for you.

Now jumkas with stones and beads are most popular. You can choose a matching pair that suits your costume most. If you are going to a traditional marriage with golden work red lehenka or sari, heavy golden colour jumkas suit you best. If it has red beads or stones it matches your sari colour a lot. If you are out for an evening get together or party, simple jumkas are the best.

But it is to be noted that jumkas never suit every face. You need to choose jumkas according to shape of your face. Also, it may not suit you if you have passed middle 40’s.

Some simple tips while wearing jumkas

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1. If you are short, use lengthy jumkas so that it appears as if you are tall.

2. If your face is large, use big ones. Your face will surely appear small.

3. If you own a small face never use jumkas above 2 inch size.

4. If you want to appear as if you are an average tall person, use ring jumkas instead of hanging ones.

5. Leave jumkas once you reach 50. Yet if you want to wear jumkas during a special occassion, choose hair style that suits it most. Also use big jumkas.

6. Stone and pearl work jumkas suit saris most. You can wear them with any colour sari. Gold jumkas are simply the best for saris.

So, I have given a few tips for choosing jumkas. Hoping it will be helpful.

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