How to get rid of those stretch marks?

Beautiful skin reflects your beauty. But it is elastic similar to the characteristics of a rubber band. If it’s stretched too much it loses its elasticity and can’t regain its original shape. It appears in the form of stretch marks giving black or white lines disturbing your skin’s beauty.

Stretch marks happen due to three main reasons – through changes when body reaches puberty, after pregnancy or sudden loss of body weight.

Best remedy is to increase moisture level of your skin. Drink plenty of water to keep moisture level of skin always at high level. Frequent massaging helps to increase blood circulation as well as reduces the fat deposits beneath the skin. Use moisturizing cream with shea butter or coco butter. It gives heavy moisturizing effect while massaging. Applying Aloe vera juice on the affected areas regularly can also give positive results.

How to identify stretch marks?

Lower part of belly, back, thighs, above elbows – stretch marks are common in these areas. They are seen most in areas where fat deposits are common and usually appear as white lines. Stretch marks are most common in ladies in their bellies soon after pregnancy and when their skin loses elasticity soon after the delivery they may appear as dark marks too. Fat deposits are most seen in these areas too.

Take extra care during pregnancy

Stretch marks are most common during pregnancy as skin changes a lot during this period. Its effects are higher in ladies who are fat comparing slim beauties. Apply Aloe vera or Vitamin E cod liver oil on your skin. Both can reduce stretch marks considerably and regains lost colour too. Avoid soaps that dry your skin; instead use ones containing milk cream.

Now I shall give you some instant remedies. Mix Indian Madder, sandal wood, papaya and aloe vera juice in equal proportions to make a pack and apply on your skin. Wash it after 10 minutes. Neem and thulsi can also reduce your stretch marks a lot. Now ayurvedic medicines are also available in markets to get rid of those stretch marks. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C content during pregnancy period.

One month strategy at home to get rid of stretch marks

First week – guava, strawberry and wheat power; mix these three ingredients together and apply on the affected area.

Second week – curd, milk and wheat powder; mix these three ingredients and apply on the affected parts.

Third week – Repeat the first week process.

Fourth week – Repeat the fourth week process.

Can stretch marks be dissolved completely?

If you take care at initial stages it’s possible to rub them off almost completely. Let me give you another natural method with no side effects. Massage your skin daily with milk membrane. Use circular strokes only, using your fingers. Follow this process continuously for three months. Include zinc supplements in your daily diet. Grains are abundant in zinc. It’s also found in water melon, pumpkin, pomegranate and leafy vegetables a lot.

Never try to reduce body weight suddenly that may result in appearance of stretch marks. Also never over-control your diet. You can reduce 1 kg to 5 kg weight a month through strict diet and regular exercise.

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