Chakka Pappadam (Jackfruit Pappad)

Pappads are of different types. How many types do you know?

Can you even imagine of a South Indian vegetarian meal in banana leaf without ‘pappad’? It’s known as ‘Pappadam’ and ‘Appalam’ in Malayalam and Tamil and is made by using the ingredients black gram daal, rice powder and tapioca powder. A few other combinations are also experimented nowadays. Now pappads are gaining popularity in foreign countries too and that’s the reason why they export them in large quantities.

‘Appalam’ is common in Tamil Nadu vegetarian meal and is slightly bigger than pappadam. There are two types of common appalam and both are light yellow in colour. Appalam without bubbles is really tasty. If we go a little north, it tastes different. It adds cumin seeds and salt content is also high.

Pappads are made with chowari (sago) too in some places. Chowari are small round balls made of rice and most commonly used while preparing pardhamans and payasams to thicken it. Such pappads are most common in UP and is made in different colours. It’s used as 4 o’clock snack also and is an amazing combination with tea. When it is fried in oil its size increases 4 times. In Tamil Brahmin families also, sago pappads are used as snacks for tea.

North Indian pappads are slightly bigger and they add pepper corns in its preparation. Its surface area is around 8 inches and crushed pepper is spread while pappads are made. They resemble a yellow silk handkerchief with black spots to some extent.

Pappads are of different types. Similarly they are served different too. In Kerala meals they are placed at the left tip of banana leaf beside banana chips. As per serving rules pappad should be placed in banana leaf before the person sits to eat. In Kerala sadyas (meals) plain pappadam deep fried in coconut oil is used.

In Tamil Nadu meals, pappads are served along with different fries and kondattams. Appalam is served instead of pappadam. For North Indian meals they are not fried in hot oil. Instead they are fried oil-free and folded to resemble half-moon and served along with ‘thali’.

In Rajasthan, pappads are served as ‘last item’ when meals just to end. Sweets are used as starters for Rajasthan meals. Their meals start with ladoo and ends with pappads. If they ask ‘shall we bring pappads’, it means their meals has ended.

Thus goes pappad stories. In this post you can read a unique & tasty variety of Pappadam – Chakka Pappadam. Enjoy reading!

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Ingredients for Chakka Pappadam (Jackfruit Pappad):

1. Raw Jackfruit flesh (Pacha Chakka) – 4 cup, cut into very fine pieces.

2. Turmeric powder – A pinch

    Pepper powder – 1 small spoon

    Chilli powder – ½ small spoon

    Ajwain (Ayamodakam) – ¼ small spoon

    Salt – As required

How to prepare Chakka Pappadam (Jackfruit Pappad)?

1. Cook the jackfruit adding sufficient water.

2. Add ingredients no: 2 to cooked jackfruit, and grind well in mixer.

3. The mixture should not be too loose or tight and should be enough to spread on a sheet.

4. Take a thick plastic sheet and spread a little oil on the top.

5. Now take the jackfruit mixture and make small balls.

6. Then spread each ball on the plastic sheet like pappads, in thin round shape.

7. Now dry your pappads under sun for a few days till water content is fully gone.

8. Turn both sides to dry them well and it may take a couple of weeks.

9. Now you can preserve them in air-tight containers and fry in hot oil whenever you need.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine April 1-14, 2017

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