Different types of sugars used for cooking

White crystal type sugar, named as granulated sugar is the most commonly used type in Indian kitchens. Yet nowadays many variants are being used to try many foreign dishes. Nowadays other types of sugars are used in Indian cuisine as well to try many new dishes. Let me introduce you to a few varieties of sugars, you often go through while reading recipes in books or online.

Confectioner’s Sugar and Castor Sugar – Powdered sugar is called castor sugar. When 3% corn flower powder is added to castor sugar, it turns Confectioner’s Sugar.

Granulated Sugar – It’s the normal sugar we use in kitchen. It assumes the shape of very small crystals, and available in different varieties with slight different in size.  

Brown Sugar – It’s jaggery added sugar, and brown in colour. They are separated before sugar is fully purified to achieve white colour. You can also prepare brown sugar at home. Add one big spoon of melted jaggery to one cup normal sugar to prepare brown sugar.

Muscovado Sugar – It contains jaggery content more than sugar, and is sticky in nature comparing with other variants of sugar.

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