Shining Kitchen – A few tips for you

Kitchen is the heart of a home and should be kept neat and tidy. Yet it is the same place where mess happens regularly. If taken care of a few steps, you can keep your kitchen clean and tidy, and make it a paradise similar to living room. Let me provide a few.

1. Never full your sink with unwashed plates and other utensils. Make it a habit to clean the plates as soon as they are used.

2. Curry powders and other materials taken for cooking should be replaced at the same position soon after use. It reduces mess of kitchen to a great extend, and makes your kitchen neat and tidy.

3. Food wastes and other wastes after cooking should be thrown to waste bin, without keeping in kitchen. Such wastes can invite flies and similar creatures to your kitchen.

4. Always keep closed, milk, fruits and curd. If kept opened they give open invitation to flies to kitchen.

5. Kitchen floor should be cleaned at least twice a day by using some mild floor cleaner.

6. Use only clean towels in kitchen. Every night clean them in hot water and dry well before reuse.

7. A hand wash and brush can be placed near to wash basin. If so, it’s easy to clean wash basin regularly without forgetting the task.

8. Mixer and other electronic equipment should be cleaned well before every use.

9. If something spit on kitchen floor, never postpone the cleaning job. Clean it as early as possible. Otherwise accidental walking on it can make your whole kitchen floor and other rooms untidy.

10. Place money plant or similar plants at kitchen windows. They can give you positive energy.

11. Take a glass of water and put a lemon skin in it. It absorbs bad smell and gives a pleasant smell to kitchen.

12. Place a little salt powder inside the lemon skin and rub the inner side of sink. Wash it after half an hour to remove dirt completely.

13. Apply a little tamarind on the steel coloured sink 15 minutes you clean it. Then wash it using water. Your sink shines better.

14. Place a piece of sponge beneath the soap tray near sink. It absorbs excess moisture content. Later you can use the same sponge to clean sink and surrounding areas.

15. If ghee or oil accidentally falls on floor, spread a little wheat flour on it. After sometime, clean it using a piece of cloth. 

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