Cooking is a passion if you are willing to explore

There was a time when cooking was exclusively designated to women, and they were called housewives. But now those days have gone. For many, cooking is a passion and a business opportunity too. Nowadays more than women, men are into the field of cooking to take it to the next level. Many world famous chefs are males and not females. How can you change the daily assigned job of cooking to your passion? How can you enjoy cooking?

Culinary is an art – Yes, you heard it right. Cooking is not just a tedious job, but an art too. When you mix onions, vegetables and spices in right proportion to prepare a dish, it’s a wonderful piece of art. More you put effort in it, more wonderful your piece of art would be. You should have a clear idea of what you are going to make, and try to improve and give a different look every time. Also try to decorate it before you present it at the dining table.

Ingredients a bit different – You can experiment many continental dishes with your normal dishes like dosa, omelet, rice, chappathi etc. Try to bring a little variance to your daily dishes. It takes you away from boredom when your dear ones appreciate your innovate ideas in the art of cooking. If your kid hesitates to take a particular dish, you can try some experiments in shapes, flavours and decorations and make him feel it special. You can try Chinese, Mexican and Italian dishes with Indian twists and flavours in your kitchen.

Your experiment lab – You can try your own recipes in your kitchen, and share them in social media and websites. Be a judge of yourself, and find mistakes in your preparations, and improve them the next time. You can even fuse two or three recipes of yours to make it an entirely new recipe.

Improve your knowledge – Now there are hundreds of magazines and websites which can help you a lot to improve your cooking skills. You can try new recipes you have watched on television or read in a website or magazine. If it works, you can share it with your friends and have long ‘food discussions’.

Restaurant tastes at home – To go for an outing and have restaurant food once or twice in a month is quite common. It can avoid daily repetition and boredom also. Though fried rice, biryani and chicken is everyone’s favourite, it would be a better idea to try those dishes in your kitchen seeking help from your friends or reading magazines. If so you can make tasty dishes at home in a healthy way.   

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