10+ Simple tips to keep salads fresh

Salads made using fresh vegetables are healthy dishes, and they also serve the purpose of starters. Elders or kids – salads can be served to all age group people. In fact, eating fiber rich salads can reduce the total consumption of food, which in turn helps you to reduce obesity. If decorated and presented fresh, it can add a new taste to your special dinner. Here are a few simple tips to keep your salads fresh.

1. Wash vegetables and leaves in very cold water before you prepare the salad. Also whip of the moisture using a dry cloth or towel.

2. Use hands to tear the leaves for salad. If you use knife, they will fade easily.

3. If dressing and salt are added to salads earlier, water content of salad may be excess once it’s prepared. Salt absorbs the water content of vegetables, that’s why. So add salt only a few minutes before you serve the salad.

4. While you dress the salad, add a few roasted bread crumbs. Excess water will be absorbed by bread pieces. Remove them before serving salads. You can use this tip whenever you feel moisture content of salad is excess.  

5. Place the serving bowl of salad in refrigerator for some time and chill it. Then fill salad in the bowl just before you serve. Your salad stays fresh for long hours.

6. Leaves used to prepare salads can be washed and then stored in refrigerator for 15 minutes before you prepare salad. Salad stays fresh for more time.

7. Prepare the dressing, and add leaves just before you serve the salad. Toss leaves instead of mixing with spoon.

8. While preparing salads of spring onion, cabbage and tomato, add dressing one hour before you serve. Your salads taste better.

9.While preparing salads using rice, pasta and beans, add dressing before they completely cools off (after cooking). If so your salad gets a nice coat of the dressing.

10. To mix the dressing perfectly, blend the ingredients together in a mixer. You can also transfer the contents to a glass bottle, shake it well and mix the contents perfectly.

11. You can keep your dressing in refrigerator for 1 week for future use.

12. Immerse lettuce leaves in ice water for some time. It adds crispness to leaves while preparing salad. You can do it after tearing them into pieces.

13. Place a tissue paper inside a bowl and keep salad vegetables for some time. Just before you use them for dressing remove the tissue paper. It removes excess moisture content.

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