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If you want to fill your house with positive energy, it should be kept neat and tidy. Also everything should be arranged in a good manner after removing dust and dirt. When you enter the home and see things here and there, your mind fills with negative energy. Take care of these things while doing house cleaning.

1. When you clean a house, do it room by room. If you find any unwanted items while cleaning never try to keep it somewhere to remove it later. When your home space is filled with unwanted things it gives restlessness and stress to family members. Also be aware that those useless things can take a valuable part of your storage that can be used in a good way. Why should we spend space useless?

2. It’s better to start from kitchen always. Place all things at right place after use. While cleaning, place those containers and vessels back to shelves if found on counter top. It’s better to allot right place for all things in kitchen for easy handling and storage. Avoid unnecessary things on counter top. Place spoons, mixer and plates back to shelves after use, to make your kitchen attractive.

3. Never neglect cup boards while cleaning. It’s the best time to throw out wastes and useless things thus saving a lot of space. Such cleanings fill your home with positive energy.

4. Very often, our mind says ‘no’ to throw certain things even if we don’t want them. Put all those items that have not been used for last one year in a container and check if you need them in the next 6 months. If not, it’s better to avoid them. If needed in future purchase fresh items.

5. Broom your house twice a day and use a cotton cloth to clean its floor daily once. If so, you can avoid dust in your home. Decorative items make your living rooms lively. Yet keep only a few as it saves a lot of time in removing dust.

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