Natural treatment for normal skin

People are lucky who have normal skin – the skin free of pimples and dryness. They need less care comparing oily skin and dry skin. Through this column let me provide a few beauty tips for normal skin people.

You people can use cream based face wash to clean face. Then you can apply cleanser. Before going out you can apply sun block cream or lotion with content SPF 30 to protect your skin from direct sun exposure. Before you go to bed, clean your face using face wash and apply cleanser and toner. Then apply moisturizing cream.

A special beauty pack for you people

Take 1 spoon juice each from potato, carrot and cucumber. Then mix it with half spoon milk powder and apply on your face to get a glowing smile. A few though have normal/dry cheeks, have forehead, nose and chin of oily type. In some persons’ skin characteristics, they have dry forehead, nose and chin while oily cheeks. If so, you need individual face packs for each case.

To apply on dry skin, mix ½ tsp egg yellow yolk, ½ tsp almond powder and 1 tsp oats powder. To apply on oily regions, mix 1 tsp rice flour with ½ tsp white yolk and 1 tsp oats. Apply it on those regions and wash it off after 20 minutes.

Once in a month                                     

You can visit a beauty parlour once in a month. If you are above 30 use anti-aging content products for facial. It prevents wrinkles on your skin up to some extent. It’s applicable for all skin types. Fruit facial is best for normal skin people. Oily skinned people choose derma facials while dry skinned people choose cream based facials.   

A small note on dry skin and oil skin before I conclude

Pimples never disturb dry skinned people. It doesn’t mean a simple cream can protect your skin from all damages. Use cream-based face wash to clean face and use cream type cleanser. Then use a little toner and apply moisturizer as a thin layer. It never takes more than 5 minutes. SPF (Sun protection factor) with content 30 is best for dry skin while going out. Before sleep clean your face and apply cleanser and toner. Moisturizing cream with almond content is best for you, before you go to sleep.

For oily skin face wash of gel type is best to clean the face. Use it instead of soap while bathing. Now apply a water-based cleanser. To close skin pores, you can apply astringent. Water based sun protection lotion protects you people from sun rays. Before you go to sleep, clean your face and neck using water based face wash. Then apply moisturizer, gel-based cleanser and astringent before you go to sleep.

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