Honey for Beauty

It’s known to everyone, multi-purpose honey owns some unique qualities, and it can be used for beauty purposes as well. Do you know there are a few simple methods by which honey can be easily used as a beauty care product? Here are a few. I shall add a few more very soon. Also read: Interesting facts of honey and its health benefits.

1. For hair fall: Mix one egg white yolk, 2 small spoons of curd, three drops of lemon juice and a small spoon honey together. Apply it on scalp and leave it for half an hour, and wash it off.

2. Body Scrub: Mix four big spoons of honey with one small spoon coconut oil, and add table salt powdered (not grinded to a fine powder). Your body scrub is ready. Also read: A few home-made cleansers and body scrubs for you.

3. Strong and healthy nails: Mix a small spoon honey with one spoon vinegar and 2 small spoons of coconut oil. Apply it on your nails and wash off after 10 minutes.

4. For glowing skin: Take half portion of a banana, add 1 big spoon milk and 1 small spoon honey and make a paste. Apply this banana pack on face and neck and allow it to dry. After 20 minutes, wash it off. It improves skin tone and gives you a glow skin. Here is yet another banana pack with honey to remove dead cells and improve skin glow. Grind a big banana. Add 2 big spoons of oats powder and 1 small spoon honey. Apply this banana pack on face and neck and wash it off after 20 minutes.

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